What is Product Advertising? Types, Strategies, Benefits, Examples 

Ads campaign plays a significant role to attract the attention of customers to buy your products. That’s why it is significant to launch a suitable ad campaign relevant to your company’s goals and objectives. Today, we’ll discuss what is product advertising; its types, strategies & methods, benefits, and examples.

What is Product Advertising? 

Product advertising is the process of promoting the particular products and services of the brand rather than the whole brand itself. The focus of the ads campaign is to sell the products and services based on their benefits and features rather than brand recognition and reputation. However, the objective of products ads is to persuade customers that the company’s products are much better than the competitors’ offers. It focuses on educating the customers by following;

  • How the products would benefit them
  • Methods of using the products
  • Why it is important for customers to buy the products
  • Features of the products

The purpose of products advertisement is to create a demand for the product among customers. It comprises spreading the products awareness that the particular item exists and it has the capability to satisfy the needs and wants of customers. However, it also focuses on convincing customers to buy your products quickly by seeing them. For instance, a Jewelry brand launches a paid ads campaign by showing its product portfolio; it attracts the attention of customers and makes them click on the picture of the product and place an order.

Types of Product Advertising 

Some of the 3 main types of product advertising are as follows;

Competitive Advertising

It is a type that focuses on generating the demand for the product of a particular demand. Businesses and companies usually apply this strategy in the maturity and full growth stage of the products life cycle. However, the ad campaign highlights the attributes and benefits of the products that competitors aren’t offering. The objective of competitive advertisement is to persuade the customers that the company’s products are better than other competitors in the market.

Comparative Advertising

As the name implies, it focuses on comparing the company’s products with other competitive brands. Companies should follow this strategy in the maturity and growth stage of the products life cycle. The focus of comparative ads campaign is highlighting the features and attributes of the product directly or indirectly; by impacting customers to select your product over competitors. However, it helps customers to make the buying decision by making them comprehend various options.

Pioneer Advertising

It is a type that focuses on creating the initial demand for the new and latest product. Often, companies employ this strategy in the introduction stage of the products life cycle. The pioneering ads campaign offers an in-depth explanation of the benefits of the products. However, its objective is to spread awareness about the new products.

Strategies of Product Advertisement 

Some of the top methods and strategies to employ product advertising are as follows;

Billboard Advertisement

Billboard ads allow you to send information quickly to your target customers. It is a very effective method of communication for proximity and availability of the product to your target customers market; the billboard of the hotel shows the availability of the fast food restaurant in the area. However, they also play a significant role in making the comparison of your products and the competitors.

TV Advertisements

TV ads are very important in showing the benefits and significance of the products and how they can improve the quality of life of customers. Many businesses and companies employ TV ads by comparing their products with those of competitors. For instance, a washing powder company launches a products ad campaign of showing the comparison of its products with the competitors.

Print Advertisements

Print ads offer customers a comprehensive explanation and benefits of using company products. You can see printed ads in magazines, and they help companies to target their audience with similar interests. For instance, a fishing line manufacturing company published its ads in magazines to target those people that have got interested in outdoor, fishing, and camping activities.

Online Advertisements

Online ads comprise displaying products ads to customers over social media platforms. The online ads campaign allows you to target your specific segment of the target market. However, it encourages customers to buy your products.

Benefits of Product Advertising 

Some of the main benefits of product advertising are as follows;

Targeting Specific Audience

Effective products ads campaign comprises researching your target customers’ marketing and finding out the ways that how your products would satisfy their needs and wants.

High Sales

The focus of product ads campaign is to encourage customers to buy your products and services quickly while seeing them as relevant to their needs.


Products ads create demands among your target customers’ market, and it makes them buy your products over the competitors.

Differentiating You From Competitors

The focus of products ads campaigns is highlighting the attributes and features of the products; it makes customers see the benefits they would receive while buying them.

Low Misconceptions

The products ads campaign decreases the misconceptions and educates customers about your products; what the product really is and what it is not.

Reinforcing Brand Image

 The other focus of the products ads campaign is your brand promotion and improving the impression of customers about your brand.

Examples of Product Advertising 

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is the world’s leading soft drink brand, and the company has launched various product advertisement campaigns over the years. In fact, customers connect with the brand with the company’s nickname. “Share a Coke” is one of the many products ads campaigns that the soft drink launched in 2011, and it attracted the attention of many customers.


Always launched a social media products advertisement campaign with the hashtag #likeagirl. The company ran this campaign during the Super Bowl game in 2015, and it inspired millions of people across the world. The purpose of the campaign was to address the issue of women in sports and promoted the company’s products and brand name.

Conclusion: What is Product Advertising? Types, Strategies, Benefits, Examples 

After an in-depth study of what is product advertising; its types, strategies, benefits, and examples; we have realized that products ads campaign is highly significant for your business. If you’re developing it for your company, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.

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