What is Mobile Advertising? Types, Benefits, Examples 

Mobiles advertisement comprises various tools and techniques for the promotion of your products and services on smartphones. It is a form of ads campaign that shows relevant ads to the customers based on their search history to spread brand and product or service awareness. Today, we’ll discuss what is mobile advertising; its types, its differentiation from mobile marketing, how it works, its benefits, and examples.

What is Mobile Advertising? 

Mobile advertising is the process of targeting and approaching customers based on the websites they visit and applications they use on their smartphones. It also implies the form of ads that become visible and appear on laptops, tablet computers, smartphones, and mobile devices. However, companies run ads on various devices in the form of banner ads and text ads embedded in mobile websites. You can also see them in downloaded applications like mobile games.

The availability of smartphones and mobile devices has increased the total number of digital and online users and they made mobile ads possible. Mobiles ads could occur at any time, and they have made the distribution of the ads much easier. Text messages and applications are the main forms of mobiles ads and they appear in various formats like;

  • In-App Ads
  • Websites Displays
  • Video Ads

Mobile Marketing versus Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising may seem similar to mobile marketing, but they’re different. Mobiles marketing is a very general term and mobiles advertising is a part of it; it employs location service technology to send personalized ads to customers based on their location, habits, interest, and preferences. However, some mobiles ads would only become visible when the mobile user is near the service provider and the particular store.

How Mobile Marketing Works 

Mobile advertising is the process of targeting and approaching customers with the ads of the product and service based on the application they’re using, surfing over the internet, and web browsing. Usually, mobiles ads are very concise and short, and their focus is on attracting the attention of users immediately.

In order to catch the attention of users, advertisers and marketers employ banner ads, offer discount codes, and short interesting videos. They direct customers to the specific product page when the customers click on them. While developing the ad, the advertisers keep in mind things like the budget of the company, product market, promotional strategies, and the intention of the advertisers.

Types of Mobile Advertising 

Some of the main types of mobile advertising are as follows;

Click to Call

When the customer clicks on the ad, it makes them call the company directly. Sometimes, it even opens up the dialer and phone box in the users’ mobile device with the already dialed number of the advertiser.

Click to Download

It is a type of ad that makes users download the application from the app store and buy the product from there, after clicking on the ad. The focus and target of such types of users are on the users of some OS and some particular mobile devices.

Banner Ads & Image Text

It is a type of ad that appears and becomes visible on the application and across the page from top to bottom. The ad directs the user to the website and the other particular location of the advertiser when they click on the banner or other ad image.

Push Notification

The push notification reminds customers of the upcoming event, sale offers, and episodes of the show or TV series. It offers notifications to the customers from the application when they aren’t using it.


It is a type that sends text messages to the users for the promotion of a product or service; advertisers do so by connecting your website or blog with the sale offer.

QR Codes

The QR codes comprise black and white digital square boxes, and users can access them with the application of their smartphone or camera. It directs and transfers users to a specific page or website.

Click to Message

It is a type that makes users contact the advertisers via text message by opening up the inbox text message page.

Benefits of Mobile Advertising 

Some of the main benefits of mobile advertising are as follows;

High Conversion Rate

Companies send customers highly personalized ads based on their location, search history, interests, and preferences. When you add up all of these factors, they amplify the conversion rate.

Geographical Targeting

After analyzing the customers’ data and demographic; it becomes very easy for the companies to target various segments of the customer market that have shown interest in your product or service. It is highly likely that they would engage and respond to your advertisement.

Fast Response

Usually, people keep their mobile devices either in their hands or their pockets. They immediately look at their mobile phones when they receive notifications. It would generate two results; whether they would reject the ad or they would perform any type of action quickly.

Easy Tracking

Online tools and advancements in technology have made tracking the performance of your ads campaign much easier and simpler. They offer you quick access to the audience demographic, shares, likes, comments, click-through rate, impressions, and other metrics

Lower Cost

The cost of mobiles ads is very low especially if you compare it with the traditional media channels like print media and TV. There are various formats of mobiles advertisements that you employ to connect with your target audience.

Large Audience

According to an estimate, roundabout 79% of people have got mobile devices and smartphones with them all the time. Many people are online on their smartphones through mobiles data internet connectivity for the purpose of emails, online shopping, or social media usage.

Examples of Mobile Advertising 

Native Ads on Facebook

Different companies and brands advertise native ads on Facebook for their sales and subscription offers at a discounted price. The native ads look natural and they don’t disturb users.

Instagram Story Ads

Northumbria University looks for potential students over Instagram by launching the Instagram story ads campaign. The ads campaign doesn’t disturb users and it looks completely natural.

Conclusion: What is Mobile Advertising? Types, Benefits, Examples 

After an in-depth study of what is mobile advertising; its types, benefits, how it works, and examples; we have realized that mobiles ads campaign is highly beneficial for your business if done correctly. If you’re developing mobiles campaign strategy, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.

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