What is Mass Marketing? Importance, Pros & Cons, Examples 

When businesses and companies advertise and market their products, services, and brands; their focus is on reaching the mass audience. Today, we’ll discuss what is mass marketing; how it works, its importance, its medium, advantages, disadvantages, and examples.

What is Mass Marketing? 

Mass marketing is a strategic process of targeting a mass audience. It focuses on targeting and approaching a great number of potential prospects and completely avoiding the niche segment of the demographic. However, it is a form of strategic market approach that focuses on amplifying product exposure and a great volume of sales at a lower price.

Mass marketing is a very useful and effective approach for the advertisement of daily necessity products because people need them and they would buy them. Some of the key elements of mass marketing are as follows;

  • Product: the general objective of the product is to target the wide range of customer market
  • Design: it is to make it easily accessible to everyone
  • Promotion: advertising and broadcasting it on various platforms in order to make people aware of the product
  • Price: it should be affordable and economical for everyone

Some of the key features of mass marketing are as follows;

  • Companies employ mass marketing strategy while launching a new product in the market or developing brand recall and brand loyalty
  • They employ various media channels to send the same advertisement message of the product
  • Focuses on the mass customer market

How Mass Marketing Works 


Here businesses and companies consider the market as a single entity, and they avoid grouping and segmentation of the market. They don’t think that it is significant to target the needs and wants of every market segment.


Companies usually follow the production concept in the mass market strategy. Their focus is approaching the mass audience, instead of precisely targeting the narrow segment of the customer market. Businesses could increase their sales volume by employing economies of scale.

Marketing Mix

Here they produce the standardized product and follow the same price, promotion, and distribution strategy for the product. They employ mass media channels like newspapers, radio, and television. Any type of media that the company would employ to approach the mass audience increase product exposure.

Importance of Mass Marketing 

The success of the company depends on the total number of customers it has. If a company has more customers, it would be more successful. People should be aware of the product that you’re offering. If people don’t know the availability of your product, then they won’t buy your product. It would stop you from establishing a sustainable business.

Companies have to make sure that the customer market is aware of their product, and they should recognize it. They all follow different types of marketing strategies, and people are aware of their products or service. It is better and beneficial if more people are aware of the company’s product or service.

Medium of Mass Marketing 

While running the mass marketing campaign, companies employ the following media channels;

  • Email marketing
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Radio and Television
  • Social media

Advantages of Mass Marketing 

Some of the main benefits of mass marketing are as follows;

Low Advertisement Cost

Companies produce one size standard product for the whole market. They employ various media channels to spread awareness and convince them to buy your product or service.

Changing Preferences

Businesses avoid the different preferences and needs of customers and offer them a one-sized standard product for everyone. Whenever there is a change in preferences, it won’t influence the sale.

Increased Sale

In the mass product, your target customers are as many as the total population of society. In such a case, the sale of the company is much higher.

Economy of Scale

Mass production would make companies implement the concept of economies of scale, and it would increase their sale. The higher production rate and economies of scale would decrease the production cost.

Higher Customers

When companies are targeting a mass audience, they don’t have to focus on the needs and wishes of individual customers and their concerns.

Disadvantages of Mass Marketing 

Some of the main disadvantages of mass marketing are as follows;

High Barrier To Entry

The manufacturing equipment for the economies of scale is very costly, and it requires a lot of investment to start it. The high capital investment would make it difficult for new businesses to enter the market.

High Competition

Big investors would enter the market with strategy and new equipment, and they would offer the product at a lower price. It becomes easier for customers to switch to other low pricy brands and products.

Switching Cost

Usually, customers have got limited loyalty to their products and brands in the mass production category. When the product gets short in the market or the company increases its price, they switch to other brands without thinking or worrying about it.

Lower Profitability

The daily routine items aren’t unique and your competitors are offering an almost similar type of product without any difference. The profit margin on the mass products is very limited, and they need to sell a lot of products to reach the profitability level.

Decreased Adaptability

Quality-conscious customers and status-conscious customers don’t have an attraction to such types of products. Companies don’t follow the needs and wishes of customers.

Examples of Mass Marketing 

  • Telecom companies offer the mass audience the similar type of services without much of a difference
  • Soap, detergent, and hygiene products provide the mass market with the same type of products
  • Coca-Cola runs advertisement campaigns to target the mass audience and offer all of them the same product; the company has been very effective in its marketing approach

Conclusion: What is Mass Marketing? Importance, Pros & Cons, Examples 

After an in-depth study of what is mass marketing; its importance, advantages, disadvantages, and examples; we have realized that mass marketing is good for daily routine items. If you’re developing its strategy, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned guidelines.

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