What is Integrated Marketing Campaign? How to Create It, Examples 

According to an estimate, marketers would 1.5 times more tend to implement integrating market approaches. It is a message-focused approach that combines various channels like social media, public relations, sales promotions, digital advertisement, and print media to expand its outreach. Today, we’ll discuss what is integrated marketing campaign; its best practices and strategies, how to create it, and examples.

What is Integrated Marketing Campaign? 

The integrated marketing campaign offers a cohesive and collaborative brand narrative on various platforms where the company plans to run an advertisement campaign. The integrating market campaigns make sure that the company remains consistent on various channels regardless of wherever the customers would connect with it. It would employ any or combination of the following media;

  • Earned Media: it attracts traffic through PR, influencers, organic search, and content marketing
  • Owned Media: it employs direct messaging like email and mobile, social media, customer service, on-site UX
  • Paid Media: it focuses on scheduled broadcasting advertising, internet advertising, physical advertising, and direct advertising

Best Strategies of Integrated Marketing Campaign 

The integrated marketing campaign doesn’t mean running the same advertisement across various media platforms, it is much more than that. As you’re aware of the fact, every marketing channel has its own pros and cons. However, the audience on every platform is different and it is not possible to target the same customer market on various channels. Some of the main strategies that you should keep in mind while developing your campaign are as follows;

Team Alignment

If you want the best results from your campaigns; then you should select and recruit the right managers and encourage them to communicate and share their creative ideas with their teams.

Channel Transitions

The integrating market campaigns would deliver you traffic from various sources and platforms. It is significant to make sure that the experiences of every visitor on different platforms would remain the same, it doesn’t matter whatever channel they use to come to your platform.

Cross Promoting Channels

In order to avoid overlapping of your campaigns, you have to ensure that you’re analyzing all the channels and platforms at once collectively rather than focusing on one. For the effectiveness of the campaigns, they have to be cohesive and collaborative. You have to integrate social buttons on your website, share social media content on your websites, and link your blog to your social media profiles.

How to Create an Integrated Marketing Campaign 

Some of the main steps on how to create an integrated marketing campaign are as follows;

Goals Setting

It starts with goal setting, and your goals for integrating campaigns have to be concise, clear, and specific. You should know what you want to achieve from your campaigns and the goals would help you to lay out the plan. It lets you know whether your campaign is moving in the right direction or not. While developing your goals, some of the main things that you should keep in mind are as follows;

  • Budget for various marketing channels and you have to be clear about it from the start
  • Timeline and date would help you to meet your goals and objectives on time
  • An effective call to action button is the action you want your audience to take after reading your email or newsletter
  • Metrics and KPIs to evaluate your performance and link it with the CTA

Analyzing Target Market

After goals setting for your integration market campaigns, it is important to know your target audience. You should define the specific segment of the customer market that you would target. Focusing on the specific segment of the target and narrowing it down to the niche level would offer you a much better return. While segmenting the marketing, some of the main elements that you should keep in mind are as follows;

  • The solution that you’re trying to offer to the specific problem and the segment of the market that needs it
  • Traits and characteristics of the specific segments
  • Marketing channels and platforms they use
  • Stage of the marketing funnel where your target audience is

Selecting Marketing Channels

Once you decide to approach your target customer market with a specific advertisement message, you should select the specific channels that you want to employ for your campaign. The purpose of every market channel is different and it helps you to reach different segments of the market. You have to how your message would go on different channels, the type of audience would receive your message, and how they would receive it. Some of the top marketing channels are as follows;

  • Print advertising
  • Direct mail
  • SEO
  • Paid ads
  • Email marketing
  • Social media

Team Building

It is time to build your team for integrating market campaigns. It is important to hire the right people; they would change depending on the targeting market segment and the media channels you’re using.

Content Creation for Repurposing

While creating the content for the integrating campaigns, you have to ensure that your content would offer you the repurposing option. It depends on your market segment and the campaign strategy that you’re implementing. Your message would remain consistent on different market channels and it would change the way you share it.

Measuring Success

After implementing the integrating market campaign, it doesn’t mean that your job is over. Now, you have reached the interesting part of evaluating the performance of your campaigns. There are various analytical tools are available for tracking and measuring your performance. You should use the right tools for your campaigns relevant to your goals and objectives. Some of them are as follows;

  • Response rate
  • Cost per lead
  • Influencer ROI
  • Referral traffic
  • Social media benchmarking

Examples of Integrated Marketing Campaign 


Spotify launched an advertisement by the name of “for the ride.” They showed our common experiences of listening to a great song while sitting in the car or taking another spin around the block. It is something that we all could relate to it. Along with the video ad, Spotify also installed billboards “yep, that’s right.” The campaigns worked very well for the company, it is because people listen to music while traveling and they see billboards on their way.

Melt Cosmetic

Melt cosmetics launched integrated marketing campaigns to promote its latest eyeshadows pellets. The company promoted its products through influencers on Youtube, share other people’s reviews on social media platforms, and employed the company’s hashtags along with the landing page of the company’s website.

What is Integrated Marketing Campaign? How to Create It, Examples 

After an in-depth study of what is integrated marketing campaign; its examples, and how to create it; we have realized that integrating market campaigns are beneficial for the company if implemented correctly. If you’re planning to launch an integrating campaign, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.

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