What are LinkedIn Ads? Types, How to Advertise on In 

The advertisements on LinkedIn are highly effective for your B2B campaigns and for approaching your target customer market. As many of you are aware of the fact that LinkedIn (LI) is the world’s largest professional networking platform. You have to make sure the allocation of a sufficient budget for launching the ad campaign on LI. Today, we’ll discuss what are LinkedIn ads; their various types, and how to advertise on them.

Since LI is a professional networking platform, it doesn’t have as many people and accounts as other social networking platforms like Facebook. The exclusive profiles of professionals that you can find on LI; it is impossible for you to find them on any other social media platforms. The significant traffic on LI made it difficult for businesses and companies to stand out

What are LinkedIn Ads? 

As the name implies, LinkedIn ads is a paid advertising service offered by the LinkedIn platform. LI advertisements have got three main types that could fit the goals and objectives of almost all types of businesses and companies. In order to achieve success from your LI advertisement campaign; it is significant to clearly define your goals and objectives.

Businesses and companies have got a right to analyze whether LI advertisement is the right medium or not towards achieving their goals and objectives. It is not easy to bring the maximum result from your social media advertisement campaign; you can only do so with an effective strategy.

LinkedIn Advertising Manager

LI ad manager is a great tool that helps businesses and companies to develop, launch, measure, and evaluate the performance of their advertisement campaign. The LI has designed this tool for marketers that plan to launch their campaigns. It is so much easy and user-friendly, they don’t have to be a programming expert in order to use it. The tool is functional in more than 23 languages that people can use it across the globe.

Types of LinkedIn Ads 

Some of the main types of the LinkedIn ad are as follows;

Sponsored Content

It is a type of ad that markets and promotes content by employing the special links that you have posted on your website, blog, LI, or any other platform. Its purpose is to spread brand awareness, and it allows you to create buzz about your business in order to increase your clients and followers.

Sponsored Messaging

Sponsored messaging is a type that allows businesses and companies to send personalized messages directly to LI members in their inboxes. The platform has set a limit to the number of people that you send requests and messages to every day and also in a month.

Text Advertisements

The text advertisements on LI work the same way as the Google advertisements and the advertisements on other social media platforms. The focus of text advertisements is to make your target audience visit your website; your web landing page, or other pages in order to amplify the conversion rate.

Dynamic Advertisement

It is a type that employs a personalization approach to connect with your target customer market. They gather information like name, job title, industry, and other details from their profiles; and design their ads accordingly. You can use such information to connect with them personally.

How to Advertise on LinkedIn – Steps 

Some of the main steps on how to advertise on LinkedIn are as follows;

Setting Goals & Objectives

The first step is to set your goals and objectives, and LI allows you to customize your objectives relevant to your campaign by giving you the following options like;

  • Awareness Objective: the goal of your campaign is to spread the brand awareness
  • Consideration Objectives: it comprises views of videos, user engagement, or the traffic on your website
  • Conversion Objective: whether your goal is to attract job applicants, web conversion, or lead generation

Whether your goal is to increase views of your videos, clicks, impression rate, or something else; they would decide your campaign development experience.

Targeting Criteria

In order to target the right audience and amplify the success of your campaign, the targeting tool of LI allows you to precisely select your target audience. It allows you to select your audience based on more than 20 types of categories like;

  • Company’s name
  • Company size
  • Member groups
  • Their interests
  • Member schools
  • Skills
  • Job title
  • Seniority level
  • And many more

When it comes to running a successful advertisement campaign, targeting is a key element. If you precisely target the right audience, it would increase the conversion rate, and user engagement, and generate leads.

Select Ad Format

While developing your campaign, it is significant that you should take all of your time to develop and manage your advertisement campaign in the right way. You can either use the sponsored content, message ad, dynamic ad, text ad, or integration of all of them.

  • Sponsored Content: it appears in the timeline or feed of your targeted profession, and it comes in various formats like carousel ad, video ad, document ad, or image ad
  • Message Ad: it allows you to approach your targeted professionals via inbox message, and get their immediate attention.
  • Dynamic Ad: it allows you to personalize your ad relevant to the requirements of your target audience on a mass scale. It focuses on collecting detailed information from the profiles of members and customizes into three main categories like follower ad, spotlight ad, or jobs ad
  • Text Ad: they’re simple and they employ CPM (cost per impression) or PPC (pay per click) advertisement.

Budget & Scheduling

After selecting your advertisement option, you should set the time and budget of your campaign. The platform offers you three types of budgeting options, and they’re as follows;

  • CPM (cost per impression): it is good when you’re spreading the brand awareness
  • CPC (cost per click): action-focused strategy that focuses on an event registration or lead generation
  • CPS (cost per send): you pay for sending the total number of messages

The platform allows you to select the right budget type of budgeting option for a campaign like bidding, daily budget, initial date, total budget, and ending date. LI also employs the auction system for bidding the reward management; it means that the people could win the auction without placing a higher bid.

Creative Ad

It is a stage where you develop your creative advertisement that should make people stop scrolling for a second and watch your advertisement. It should be catchy, attention-grabbing, persuasive, and tell people how it adds value to their life. However, it is important that you should create and launch 4 to 5 types of advertisements for your campaign; finalize the one that offers you the highest performance and exposure.

Analyze & Optimize Campaign

After successfully launching your advertisement campaign, it is time to analyze the performance of your campaign. You can check out the analytics and metrics by using the campaign management tool. The analytical record and metrics allow you to readjust strategies for your campaign. It is repetitively learning and you learn something new from every new campaign.

Conclusion: What are LinkedIn Ads? Types, How to Advertise on In 

After an in-depth study of what is LinkedIn ads; their various types, and how to advertise on LI; we have realized that running a successful campaign requires a lot of brainstorming and experimentation. If you’re planning to run the advertisement campaign on LI, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.

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