What is Augmented Reality Marketing? Benefits, Examples

The trend of augmented reality in marketing and advertising has been growing for the past few years. People would stop and experience AR regardless of the quality of the campaign. When businesses and companies employ AR experience in their marketing campaign strategies, it has to appear everywhere in order to impress people. Today, we’ll discuss what is augmented reality marketing; its benefits, and examples.

What is Augmented Reality Marketing? 

Augmented reality marketing (ARM) allows businesses and companies to offer their customers an engaging and unique customer experience by integrating the element of virtual and real. The growing trend of AR has changed the whole concept of sales and marketing; become the main preference of customers in the B2C market.

AR technology offers you tools and techniques to amplify the company’s brand value and overall sales on their mobile devices. Mobile devices have become the most important media channel through which customers talk with companies and make buying decisions.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Marketing

Some of the main benefits of augmented reality marketing or AR in marketing are as follows;

Allowing Customers to Try Before Buying it

Customers want to try the product or service before buying it. Some of the main concepts of trying the product in the sales strategy are; vehicle test drive, cosmetic samples, and fitting room to check out clothes. However, the AR technology allows customers to try out the clothing, makeup, and various other products without directly contacting the product physically. It allows customers to try out hundreds of products in the inventory and chooses the one relevant to their needs and requirements.

Facebook Pioneers in the AR applications allows customers to try out the accessories and the makeup digitally. It helps them to see what they look like before actually buying the product. The first AR ad on FB allowed customers to try out the sunglass with the help of a camera on their mobile device.

Touring & Assistance

AR makes businesses and companies include the digital element on top of their physical product or location. The potential customers have got the option to scan the product and try out the AR experience either to enjoy the supplemented brand-related experience or to offer additional information about the product.

The AR app could stretch into various markets and industries. For instance, StubHub, a ticket sale company developed an AR application by allowing customers to experience the 3D display of the stadium where the Superbowl event would happen. Fans could experience the field and seating arrangements from various angles, and choose the best seat for them.

Branding Material

AR takes the brochures, business cards, and other branding material to the next level by adding the virtual element in it. Customers could scan the printed material with their smartphones to try out various features and add relevant information to be in contact with the brand.

For instance, customers could scan the QR code on the top of the brochure or card and play the video highlighting various components of the company. We can say that a touch of AR on the business card would allow people to be in contact with you through a single click with a phone call, email, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Creating Buzz

Businesses and companies could employ AR for marketing, advertising, and sales purposes. Previously, the focus of AR was on facilitating direct sales. But they could also employ AR to amplify the status of AR. If implemented correctly, the novel AR experience would allow you to create a lot of buzz in the market.

AR shopping and advertising is a new concept and it would attract the attention of customers if its design and user experience are good. People would buy from such companies and brands that make them feel satisfied and happy. For instance, the ride-sharing company, Uber launched the same campaign of AR experience for their riders; it helped the company in delivering more than a million views.

Leveraging AR for B2B

The AR technology could also amplify the B2B customer experience in various ways. The sale process of B2B has always been a tug of war between the providing limitations of the vendor and the expectations of customers. AR has the capability to minimize the gap and facilitate the whole chain process.

The AR sales tool would allow customers to try out the product in a full detailed manner as they like ranging from a high-level overview to the inspection of various individual components. When you take the product into the meeting room, AR would help customers to check out the information they want in order to make the final purchase decision.

Examples of Augmented Reality Marketing

Some of the main examples of augmented reality marketing are as follows;

Taco Bell

Taco Bell launched a marketing campaign in 2012. The company marketed that customers should visit Taco Bell for two reasons; the first is to try out the new Doritos Taco Shell, and 2nd is to play with its AR packaging. The company put the AR feature on every Soda Cup and Locos Taco Box, and customers could see the relevant material on their phones while scanning the box from their Taco Bell application.

Taco Bell developed a sense of community by connecting with users on various social media accounts.


While launching the 2nd Season of Stranger Things, Netflix offered various AR/VR lenses on Snapchat. It allowed customers to record the video by walking through one of the houses of the show like Demigorgons pop out of the wall.

Aside from the lenses, the mobile app also offered incredible filters, and Netflix also took advantage of those filters to market its content.

Conclusion: What is Augmented Reality Marketing? Benefits, Examples 

After an in-depth study of what is augmented reality marketing; we have realized that AR in advertising plays a significant role in branding. If you want to develop an AR ad campaign for your company, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.

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