What is Brand Personality?Importance,Types

Perhaps you would have noticed that some brands have got a powerful personality and others have got an energetic reputation. Today, we’ll discuss what is brand personality; its importance, its types, and how to create it with examples.

What is Brand Personality? 

The brand personality outlines the set of human traits relevant to the brands name. In simple words, you can say if brands were a person, then how you would describe it. The brands personalities shine through the marketing campaign, brands image, and the company’s messaging.

Here, consistency is the key element. If brands personality is different on every social media channel from the company’s website; it would be difficult for the customers to learn more about your brands and what it stands for.

Importance of Brand Personality 

Branding is much more than the company’s tagline, logo, and name. It comprises attaching properties and traits to the company in order to develop a unique identity. It would help customers to recognize a brand distinguished from the competitors in the market.

People would purchase such products and services that they like, and marketers should develop a sense of identity in order to attract customers. Without strategic branding and inconsistency in the message, it would be very difficult for customers to trust and connect with brands. The market comprises a lot of brands, and their focus is to win customers.

Brands personalities give you the strength to develop a connection with your target customers. Just like people could have beliefs, values, and traits, brands could have as well in order to attract customers. That’s how you can evoke emotions among your target audience; establish a strong brands equity and loyal database of customers.

Some brands connect with their target customers emotionally, set the tone of their business, and send brands messages. The other types of companies focus on communicating with their audience through packaging, quality, and products. In short, brands personality is how you want your customers to perceive your brands when they see it.

Types of Brand Personality 

Some of the main types of brands personalities are as follows;


Brands have established the position of trusting, loving, and sincere among customers; because they’ve followed a straightforward and trustworthy communication strategy. Such companies focus on offering a real-life experience of their products/services, customers’ transparency, and the facts about their offers. People can describe them as genuine, friendly, cheerful, real, and honest.

For instance, Gymshark is an honest and sincere brands, and the company offers gym clothing for males and females.


Some companies have the characteristics of excitement by customers and a great memorable experience. It motivates customers to join and experience unknown and new. Those brands create hype about their latest offers before launching them in the market. For instance, Airbnb is a vacation rental company and it guarantees you a great trip.


The customers of some companies make sure that their company is doing well and meeting high-quality standards. Some industry leaders exhibit a commitment to innovation and creativity and produce high-quality products. People can describe some brands as experienced, reliable, and intelligent. For instance, Apple has got all the characteristics of an industry leader, and the company employs all the modern tools to reach the target audience.


There are some superior luxury brands that are unaffordable for many people. They have got the element of sophistication, elegance, glamour, and expensive for rich upper-class people. Apple and Tiffany & Co are among them. They have established expensive, elegant, and charming personalities with smart marketing strategies.


The emphasis of some companies is on strength and power-oriented customers. Their focus is on nature and outdoor activities, and such brands characterize tough, rough, and masculine. For instance, Jeep is an automobile brands, and the company has established a reputation of rough and rugged that is completely different from stylish cars.

How to Create Brand Personality

Some of the main tips on how to create a brand personality are as follows;

Analyzing Competitors

Your focus should be on differentiating your brands from the competitors in order to gain a competitive edge, and that would help you to attract new potential customers. In order to do this, you should study the personalities of the competitive brands in the industry to know their traits and characteristics. For instance, if the other companies in the industry are focusing on competence, then you should focus on sincerity and move in a different direction.

Target Audience

The top priority of your brands should be the needs and wants of your target customers. You need to do everything possible in your capabilities to comply with them. You should aware of the basic details about your customers like; their interests, their location, the type of person they are, etc. Knowing the basic information allows you to develop a personalized message.

Describe Accurately

You should create a list of relevant adjectives that accurately outlines your brands. It’s a very good practice for such companies that are launching their business. The brainstorming would float a lot of new creative ideas. You should attach various traits and characteristics to your brands in order to give your company a personality. For instance, if your company offers stylish clothes, then it describes your brands as passionate, energetic, and youthful.

Define Direction

After creating a list of adjectives describing your brand, it becomes much easier for you to find the direction that you want to give to your company. Let’s suppose your brands is a person, and now you should attach all the good traits and attributes to your brands that people would love and appreciate.

Examples of Brand Personality 


M&M has a very open brands personality by following the commercial, ads, and marketing campaign. The company has maintained an image of a clever, comedic, and fun character. M&Ms presents its characters in various shapes and multiple colored chocolates, and they all have fun in the TV commercials.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is a motorbike company and the brands has maintained the image of a rugged and rough tone. The company targets customers that have a rebellious spirit that doesn’t pay heed to formalities. However, Harley focuses on people that want to be free and enjoy the luxurious ride.

Conclusion: What is Brand Personality? Importance, Types, Examples 

After an in-depth study of what is brand personality; its importance, types, examples, and how to create it; we have realized that brands personalities could badly impact your company. If you’re working on building it for your company, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned types and tips.

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