What is Inbound Lead? Lead Generation, Strategies 

Sales and marketing are working day in and day out to generate leads and approach potential customers and close the deal. Finding the right inbound lead-generating strategy plays a significant role in the growth of your business. Today, we’ll discuss what is inbound lead; lead generation; and its various strategies.

What is Inbound Lead? 

The inbound lead comprises those people that find your product or marketing assets, they interact and check it out, and send you their contact details. Some of the actions that could transform an ordinary visitor into a potential inbound lead are as follows;

  • Downloading your white paper, guide, eBook, and other resources
  • Contacting your sales team after going through your content
  • Requesting a free trial or product demo after watching your video or webinar
  • Filling out the survey form

In short, we can say that any prospect or lead that enters your pipeline voluntarily falls under the category of inbound lead. It is significant to mention here that there are different types of inbound leads, and they aren’t the same. However, the two main types of inbound leads that you require to go through the sales are as follows;

MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead)

The MQL comprises those people that have shown interest in your offer. They can show their interest by engaging with any of your products. They’re the type of people that show interest in the solution that you’re offering, but they don’t show serious commitment.

SQL (Sales Qualified Lead)

It is a type of lead that has gone through the stage of curiosity, and they’re ready to buy it or sell out. Your sales and marketing team would start the conversation, and there is a high probability that they would close the deal and sell the product.

What is Inbound Lead Generation? 

An inbound lead generation is a form of marketing strategy that comprises attracting people to your brand. It doesn’t focus on approaching customers, rather inbound lead generation is permissive. However, your potential clients would start the conversation and give you permission to send them the marketing material.

In order to make the inbound lead generation work, you should offer them something valuable that they can’t resist. They would offer you their contact detail by calling or filling in the opt-in form for the lead magnet.

Lead Generation Strategy

If you want to generate quality leads, then you need to develop an effective lead strategy. It comprises taking actionable steps of launching the leads campaign that would deliver you the results. Some of the key elements that you should keep in mind while developing your strategy are as follows;

  • Lead generation techniques that are suitable for competitors
  • Marketing channels that you would employ
  • Customers’ journey
  • Business goals
  • Customers behavior

Inbound Lead Generation Strategies 

Some of the main inbound lead generation strategies are as follows;

Web Personalization

Your web platform plays a significant role in the process of inbound lead generation. In order to amplify the conversion rate, you need to optimize your website. Speaking of blog optimization, you should make it personalized. Blog optimization is a process of providing a personalized experience to the customers that visit your platform.

You can offer personalized by adding attention-grabbing images, texts, and visuals that would make your visitors feel better. You don’t have to be a programming and coding expert to attract the attention of customers. For instance, an e-commerce flower company has personalized its platform so well by using the keywords like “flowers for sale,” which helps the company to increase the conversion rate.

Quality Content

Quality content plays a significant role in generating leads. The valuable content you provide on your blog would attract the attention of customers, increase customer engagement, and establish trust. However, your well-optimized web platforms would start appearing in the searches of the search engine, and it would increase the traffic on your website. You should consider creating content in the following types;

  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Videos

After posting the content, it doesn’t guarantee that the right type of audience would see it. You should make sure of the right promotion and distribution.

Social Media Platform

All the social media platforms have got roundabout 5 billion active users, and they’re an excellent place to generate leads. That’s why you should launch the campaign on social media platforms with the objective of generating leads.

However, when it comes to creating leads on social media platforms, you need to add value that is beneficial for the customers. It is important that you should choose the right platform where your target would be active there.

Interactive Content

If you want to exploit the power of inbounding leads, then you need to create interactive content that would engage the attention of your target customers. It could be in the form of;

  • Interactive infographics
  • Videos
  • Surveys
  • Polls

Roundabout 81% of marketers say that interactive content attracts the attention of customers.


Marketing and promotion through inbounding leads is a very slow process. In order to speed things up, you should launch paid advertisement campaign to beat the competition and approach your target audience. It also helps you to promote the right content that you want to target and promote.

Demo Product Offers

As the name implies, it means that you allow your customers to try out your product. Offering product demos and free trials are a great way to bring traffic and leads into the funnel. After checking out the product or good, it is probable that they would subscribe to your email newsletter.


In the B2B marketplace, educating your target audience play a significant role in establishing a long-term relationship with customers. Webinars are interactive, engaging, and educational, and they attract the attention of customers. Here, the key is to choose the right topic.

Conclusion: What is Inbound Lead? Lead Generation, Strategies 

After an in-depth study of what is inbound lead; lead generation, and its various strategies; we have realized that inbounding leads generation is highly significant for your business. If you’re developing the inbound lead strategy, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned guidelines and strategies.

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