What is Visual Marketing? Types, Strategies, Examples 

The significance of visuals and graphics is as high as the influence of social media in various aspects of our lives. Businesses and companies employ visuals in their promotional campaigns to attention of customers and increase user engagement. According to an estimate, 74% of marketers employ visuals and graphics in their content. Today, we’ll discuss what is visual marketing; its importance, various types, strategies and practices, and examples.

What is Visual Marketing? 

Visual marketing is when you use visuals in your marketing and promotional strategies like graphic designs, gifs, creative infographics, captivating videos, and attractive images. The visuals allow your customers to better imagine your product, engage with your campaign and brand, and make the buying decision.

According to a statistical report, approximately 80% of marketers employ a visual market strategic approach in their social media campaigns. Marketers and advertisers take advantage of visuals strategies to maximize the benefits and growth of their online business. You may not even realize it, but visual could bring a lot of impression on your website or blog.

Importance of Visual Marketing 

Visuals marketing plays a significant role in your business growth strategy. It is because a lot of people buy things after watching videos and checking out pictures. Remember the last time when you made the buying decision without seeing its logo or graphics? For marketers and advertisers, the visuals market approach presents a great opportunity to attract the attention of customers and tell them about your brand story.

  • Approximately 55% of tourists aging from 18 to 55 decide on their tour plan after watching the pictures on Instagram
  • Roundabout 50% of tourists remember the online video advertisement while booking and planning a trip
  • 60% of the customers would reach out to the local businesses after seeing their pictures in the local searches

Types of Visual Marketing 

Some of the main types of visual marketing are as follows;


Many web browsers support pictures, graphics, and images, and they’re significant to your field and designs. In fact, the visuals market strategy takes this notion to a next level and encourages its users to develop creative pictures to attract the attention of customers with pictorial content.


Wireless technology has made significant growth and progress and many telecom companies are offering high-speed services. The high-speed internet allows you to run videos and video calls to anyone at any time. However, videos allow you to show your products and services to your customers and even interview people.


Infographics are a unique combination of text and visuals to deliver information to your target audience. It is a very intuitive approach to presenting the data in a visual format. You should make sure that the visual information is catchy, sharable, and compelling and that they would love to share it with their social circle. There are various approaches to infographics and you should choose the one that is relevant to your content.


The presentation comprises the slide deck to convey your message. Many browsers allow the embedding of slides because it contains a lot of useful information in a very attractive format. However, presentation is the best approach when you have to share a lot of information and maintain your brand identity.


Many people love to read influencing, inspiring, and motivational quotes from different authors. You can use visuals and graphics to create the perfect content for your strategy. The relevant quote to your brand would speak on your behalf to your target audience.


Social media memes have the capability to go viral and offer great exposure to your brand. Funny and humorous pictures on various topics like daily life or pop culture would help your brand and make it easier for customers to engage with it.

Strategies for Visual Marketing 

Some of the key strategies and practices of visual marketing are as follows;

Share Your Story

It is important to share the story of your brand with the help of images and graphics, and you should employ such visuals that better describe your brand and story. It would help you to create the reputation of your brand.

Self Describing Picture

Let’s imagine your target customer market is watching a video without any sound or subtitle, and they won’t understand it. You should let the image or picture speak for itself by adding supporting text and description to make it clear.

Trusting Figures

You should follow the customer-centered, intuitive, and aesthetic approach. It is important that you should analyze the performance of visuals and their popularity.

Be in the Moment

You should avoid such widgets and plugins that would disrupt the user experience by taking them to a third-party website. In order to maintain the attention and viewership of customers, you should use such visuals and graphics that are most important to them.

Learning from Others

Instead of experimenting with something new and learning from failures, you should learn from top influencers and the type of content they are producing. You should follow their strategy with the touch and creativity of your brand.

Be Organized

When you’re dealing with a vast variety of pictures and images, you have to make sure that they’re easily accessible to everyone. It is one of the key challenges that many travel and tourism companies are facing.

Some the of the other key tips and strategies are as follows;

  • Aligning the text, caption, or description with your visuals
  • Visuals should be helpful to your target audience
  • Make it relevant to your brand
  • Have to go a clear CTA (call-to-action) button
  • Repurposing and reposting by learning from your metrics and mistakes
  • Use creative images and visuals
  • Your visuals should be relevant to the platform where you’re publishing or posting your content
  • Keep on testing and experimenting
  • Should be easily sharable
  • Employ the right tools for the growth of your platform

Examples of Visual Marketing 

National Geographic

The TV network doesn’t need any introduction; the platform has got more than 130 million followers on Instagram and over 46 million followers on Instagram. The portfolio and gallery of National Geographic comprised remarkable videos and pictures of wildlife, landscape, sea, the entire earth, and the universe.


Nike is the world’s leading sportswear brand and the advertisement of the company’s products comprised of beautiful pictures and videos with catchy background music. The visual gallery of the brand attracts the attention of customers and it makes them buy its product after seeing it online.

Conclusion: What is Visual Marketing? Types, Strategies, Examples 

After an in-depth study of what is visual marketing; its various types, strategies, and examples; we have realized that the visuals market approach is significant for your company’s strategy. If you’re developing your visuals strategy, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned guidelines and strategies.

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