What is Online Advertising? Importance, Types, Pros & Cons 

In a rapidly changing market, businesses and companies could benefit from the effectiveness of online advertisement. The internet ads campaign is simple, easy to manage, affordable, and inclusive; businesses and companies could implement it in their field to approach their target audience. Today, we’ll discuss what is online advertising; differentiation from marketing, its importance, types, advantages, and disadvantages.

What is Online Advertising? 

Online advertising is the process of employing the internet to send your required message to your target customer market. Often, it serves as an important tool for brand exposure and generating traffic on your website. It employs app interaction, email campaigns, websites, search engine result pages, social media platforms, and other media channels. Usually, companies employ online advertising campaigns to convince their target customer market and make them take a specific action like buying your product.

Advertising vs. Marketing

Marketing is the process of your product and service promotion to your target customer market. It comprises various activities like analysis, buyer persona, recognizing your target customers, and conducting thorough market research. However, the purpose of marketing activities is to approach your target customer with a particular offer.

Advertising, on the other hand, comprises all those activities that would help companies to spread their brand awareness. Marketing comprises various elements, and advertising is one of them. However, some of the other elements of marketing are personal selling, direct selling, sales promotion, and public relationship.

Importance of Online Advertising 

Online advertising plays a significant for the growth of your business because of the following reasons;

Fast & Easy

Internet advertisements are simple and easy, especially if you compare them with traditional marketing ads campaigns. You would start receiving qualified leads by launching the ads campaign over the internet. It allows you to achieve your goals and objectives.

Data Access

The online analytic tools would help you to analyze the strategies that are working and effective and relevant to your product or service. It comprises analyzing customer data, finding the keywords, and recognizing the key area for improvement relevant to your ads campaign. You can also evaluate the conversion rate relevant to the effectiveness of your campaign.

Engaging With Your Customers

When it comes to approaching your target customers and engaging with them, the internet plays a key role. It is better to conduct thorough market research and find out the type of product they’re looking for based on their needs and wants.

Target Audience

The online ads campaign allows you to recognize your target customers and approach them accordingly. Some of the tools like video ads, social media ads, and display ads would make it easier for you to approach your target customers. However, it helps you amplify the profitability of your business and generate leads from your campaign.

Cost Efficiency

Online advertisement is highly cost-efficient as compared to traditional marketing approaches. It also doesn’t require you to incur a lot of expenses for the promotion of your products and services.

Global Reach

The internet and technological development allow you to offer your products and services to a global audience. Without spending a lot of money on traveling and transportation, you can simply develop a connection with them online. The internet would provide exposure to your products and services to millions of customers across the globe.

Types of Online Advertising 

Some of the main types of online advertising are as follows;

  • Web Push
  • Video Advertising
  • Native Advertising
  • Display Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Mobile Advertising

Advantages of Online Advertising 

Some of the main advantages of online advertising are as follows;

User Interaction

Internet and mobile technology are such a medium that makes user interaction possible. It allows businesses to have frequent interaction with other businesses and customers. Customers would have the facility to like, comment, and ask their queries. Companies get an insight into the needs, wants, and concerns of customers relevant to the products.

Cost Effectiveness

The Internet advertising campaign is highly cost-effective as compared to the offline marketing approaches. It is affordable for many small businesses and companies.


It allows companies to send text messages, videos, and images to their target customers at any time across the world. The growth potential of the internet ads campaign is exponential if published at the right time and on the right platform. However, all you need is access to the internet and the computer operating device.


Whether it is the development of the content material or strategizing of various tasks, online tools allow you to perform all of those tasks quickly and efficiently. You can easily create the content (creative or otherwise) and then publish it on various platforms.

Tracking & Measuring

The latest analytical tools allow you to measure and track the performance of your ads campaign. The insight and information you gather from your audience would help you to develop a better campaign.


When it comes to approaching your target customers, the internet allows you to divide your target customer’s market into various segments based on their needs and wants. It would help you to amplify the impact of your campaign.

Disadvantages of Online Advertising 

Some of the main disadvantages of online advertising are as follows;

Ad Blindness

Almost every website and blog is earning through ads and affiliate marketing. Customers have exposure to those ads so much that they habitually avoid those ads without even looking at them. In such a case, you should make sure that your ads target the right people with the right offer.

Complicated Analytics

It is no doubt that the analytical tools would offer you great insight, but they’re a bit difficult to operate for a non-tech person. In such a case, the person would have to hire experts to launch and monitor your campaign.

Expensive Mistakes

You have to be very careful with the online ads campaign, and you have to make a precise choice. If you make a small mistake like choosing the wrong keyword, targeting a different market, or selecting the wrong options; then it would cost you a lot of money and won’t deliver you the results that you’re looking for.

High Competition

The internet market is highly competitive. If you have invented something that is attracting the attention of customers; your competitors would develop the same thing with more features. Staying ahead of the competition over the internet is very difficult.

Conclusion: What is Online Advertising? Importance, Types, Pros & Cons 

After an in-depth study of what is online advertising; its importance, types, advantages, and disadvantages; we have realized that a digital ad campaign is highly important for your business. If you’re developing a digital ad campaign, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.

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