What is Micro-Influencer Marketing? How to Work With Them 

It is perfectly okay if you have bought something by following the advice and suggestion of your favorite celebrity or influencer. For instance, the wolfdog has got one million Instagram followers, and the user of the account wouldn’t have reached so many people with its own profile. Today, we’ll discuss what is micro-influencer marketing; its importance, and how to work with them.

What is Micro-Influencer Marketing? 

A micro-influencer is a form of influencer marketing on a smaller scale and they have got 1000 to 10000 followers on various social media platforms. Usually, they’re highly popular in their field of interest or industry and they have got higher engagement on their posts. Businesses and companies could amplify their market reach by working with niche-oriented micro-influencers.

Unlike public figures, experts, and celebrities; micro-influencers are simple social media users. They are such people that have got expertise in their particular field and they share content relevant to their field on the social media platform. Unlike traditional celebrities and influencers, micro-influencers have got modest numbers of followers ranging from 1000 to 10000.

For instance, a yoga influencer may brag about having various yoga studios with millions of followers. A micro yoga influencer would have a few thousand followers targeting a specific audience on Instagram that want to practice yoga at home. They receive a reasonable amount of user engagement on their posts relevant to the size of their market.

Importance of Micro-Influencer Marketing 

Micro influencer marketing plays a significant role in the growth of your business because of the following reasons;

Higher Engagement

Studies have shown surprising user engagement trends in terms of likes and comments on Instagram relevant to their total number of followers. They’re as follows;

  • 1 to 10 million followers get user engagement and like roundabout 1.7%
  • The user engagement is 2.4% of the influencers with 10,000 to 100,000 followers
  • People with 1000 to 10,000 followers have got user engagement of 4%
  • Users with less than 1000 followers generate user engagement of 8%

Target Audience

Micro-influencers have got limited targeted database of followers rather than having millions of random followers. For instance, a clothing brand hires a celebrity figure that has got millions of followers. It is no doubt the targeted pool of audience is so big, but a vast majority of them won’t show interest in the fashion products. If the company works with 100 fashion bloggers and each has got 1000 plus followers, they would deliver your target-oriented results.


Celebrities usually charge roundabout 7500 dollars for a single post. Whereas the micro-influencers charge less than 500 dollars for a single; companies work with various micro-influencers to approach various segments of the target market. In fact, the cost of working with 100 micro-influencers is much lower than hiring a single celebrity figure.


The content and account of micro-influencers are real. The proof is that they connect with hundreds of followers regularly. However, their activity on social media is much more authentic than celebrities with millions of followers that have got SM managers to manage their accounts. If micro-influencers reply to the people and engage with them on the promotional posts, then their followers would visit the brand’s store and check out their products.

How to Work With Micro-Influencer Marketing 

Some of the main steps on how to work with micro-influencer marketing are as follows;

Goals & Expectations

Before working with micro-influencers, you should clearly define your goals and objectives for the marketing campaign in order to evaluate your performance. You should know whether you want to amplify brand awareness, increase sales with the affiliated link, or bring traffic to your website. However, you should allocate some time defining your goals and objectives in a particular direction in terms of who to work with and what to expect from them.

Find & Verify Them

When it comes to selecting the influencers, you should choose the one that is relevant to your audience and brand. They have a unique personality, post consistently, and have higher user engagement. Some of the things you should keep in mind while verifying the accounts of the influencers are as follows;

  • Comments & Tags: if a person is working in the same industry as you are, it would be a natural collaboration to boost your products to their target audience
  • Branded Hashtags: they would use the hashtags of your brand in order to show genuine interest and commitment to your brand
  • Employ 3rd Party Tool: you should use tools like NeoReach or Fohr in order to narrow down your search
  • Ask Verified Performance Report: you should ask them to offer you trusted performance data as a reliable source to check out the metrics of the influencers

Negotiate Fees & Contract

After recognizing the few potential micro-influencers and discussing with them; it is possible that they would offer you their rate card against their services. The price range may be different, you should negotiate over the price suitable for both parties. After agreeing on the price, you should draw a contract comprising of following elements;

Payment: the amount of money you would pay; time and date, and other incentives like free products and gifts

  • Briefing Material: offer them a caption guide, product description, and FAQs
  • Deliverable Content: whether they should post stories, reels, or post; and how often
  • Deadlines: the approval of the content they would post, and the things they need to post their content
  • Approval Process: the feedback you would offer; how much time it would take
  • Contract Length: the partnership and campaign duration
  • Usage Rights: the usage of content for promotion on other platforms and the time duration for it
  • Exclusive Clause: partnership with competitors during the specific market campaign
  • Endorsement Disclosure: Do you want them to open up about the paid partnership or not
  • Cancelation Clause: consequences for finishing the contract for both parties

Monitor Results

It is highly important to monitor the performance of your campaign. It would allow you to see how your content has performed or would perform in the future. You can decide whether you should look for new influencers or work with the same ones.

Conclusion: What is Micro-Influencer Marketing? How to Work With Them 

After an in-depth study of what is micro-influencer marketing; its importance, and how to work with them; we have realized that micro-influencers could deliver you better results at a lower cost. If you’re planning to work with them, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips, suggestions, and steps.

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