What is Native Advertising? Importance, Types, Examples 

It is possible that you haven’t noticed native ads, but they are all around in the ear digital ear of marketing. They have taken the shape and style of digital ads by integrating ads with content. Today, we’ll discuss what is native advertising; its importance, types, and examples.

What is Native Advertising? 

Native advertising is a process of developing ads that are relevant to the page content, designed, assimilated, and consistent with the behavior of the website; it would users feel that the ad is a part of it. It follows the non-intrusive ad format by combining the ad with the natural editorial style of the news platform or the website. However, they assimilate the ad to the platform and the website so that it seems relevant to the content.

The customer market is becoming tired of traditional ad formats like banner ads and display ads. According to a study, Fortune 500 companies and consumer start-ups are focusing on allocating more budgets and spending more on the development of non-disruptive ad formats and content marketing. The annual revenue of the global native ads market would reach roundabout 402 billion dollars by the end of 2025.

Sponsored posts and articles on websites, news channels, and social media platforms are very good examples of native ads. Both formats offer you the same type of value in the form of user-generated social media posts and search results.

How Native Advertising Works

Publishers are on the supply side with great access to the wide customer and want monetization for their services. Advertisers are on the demand side, they want to reach their target audience, and achieve their goals and objectives in terms of lead generation; sales, and brand awareness.

Whenever a person searches for something relevant to the ad specification; publishers send a bid request to all the advertisers, and the advertisers reply with metadata metrics and their bid. The winning bid of the advertisers would start appearing in the search results.

Importance of Native Advertising 

Native ads allow you to develop a connection with your target customers in a user-friendly format. They are non-intrusive than conventional ads format like banner ads. Additionally, the relevance of the native ads to the content would amplify the conversion rate and CTR (conversion through rate).

Studies have shown that customers are aware of the traditional paid ads whenever they see them. The user engagement of native ads is much higher than the traditional ads. It’s because they’re part of the content that they are consuming, and such ads don’t distract them.

Types of Native Advertising 

Some of the main three types of native advertising are as follows;

Branded Native Ads

Branded ads do not follow the criteria of the typical ad format. The function of the ad acts as rare and unique content on the platform and the website of the publishers.

Content Recommendation Ads

Recommended ads are the ads displayed along with other ads and editorial content in a recommended format. Typically, you can find such ads on the other side and at the end of the article featured as suggesting other content and ads for the users.

In Content/In-Feed Ads

In-Content ads are the ads that you can integrate into the e-commerce business, social feed, and content piece. Their focus is on blending it with the content in such a way that it would offer a non-disruptive user experience.

Examples of Native Advertising 

Some of the main examples of native advertising are as follows;

Social Media Ads

The simplest and easiest way to learn about N ads is to open any social media platform and find any of the in-feed ads that come in your timeline. It is one of the common types of ads. However, the placement of in-feed ads is within the feed of user content, matching the organic content, and considered as being paid.

Instagram Filter and Nickelodeon

It is important to mention here that not all types of N ads on social media platforms are in-feed ads. Nickelodeon asked in a fun way by using filters that what type of Spongebob character you are. Such types of n ads are interactive, entertaining, and excellent ways to develop a connection with users. You can see it under the post mentioned as sponsored by Nickelodeon; their placement is where all other filters function the same way just like any other filters.

Patron Taquila & Twitter

Patron planned to promote their brand on social media platforms like Twitter on International Margarita Day. They shared various margarita recipes and asked people what they liked best.

It helped the company to engage with Twitter users and promote its brand in the process. However, Patron promoted their brand without using any of the traditional paid marketing channels.  

Conclusion: What is Native Advertising? Importance, Types, Examples 

After an in-depth study of what is native advertising; its importance, types, and examples; we have realized that native advertising is highly important for your business. If you’re developing such ads, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned types, tips, and suggestions.

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