What is Holistic Marketing? Importance, Components, Examples 

Marketing is a vast area and it requires various strategies and approaches for the growth of your business. It is important for them to employ the right strategic approach for their business. Today, we’ll discuss what is holistic marketing; its importance, various components, framework, and examples.

What is Holistic Marketing? 

The concept of holistic marketing comprises marketing of different areas of the company as a single entity. It follows the notion that the whole is much better and greater than the sum of separated parts. However, it follows a shared aim and purpose for various activities relevant to the business. The approach makes sure that various departments of the company ranging from marketing, operation, HR, and sales collaborate with each other toward a common goal and objectives.

When you see a business or company as a single or individual entity, then it means various departments of the company have got interconnection with each other. The key idea of holistic marketing is to develop a connection among various departments of the company to launch a single promotional campaign to elevate multiple markets. It offers a common objective for various marketing processes and helps different systems connect with one another in order to reach their goals and objectives.

Importance of Holistic Marketing 

The holistic marketing approach is important because of the following reasons;

Concentrated & Focus

The clarity and consistency in the advertisement message would help the customers to focus on the company’s core values. The core values would allow people to develop a link with the values of the brand and not just with the product only.

Establishing Brand

One of the best strategies for spreading brand awareness is to focus on the core values of the company and promote them on different platforms. Customer behavior is always changing, it is significant for a brand to be consistent with its message on various media channels.


The focus of the holistics market approach is on making growth and progress in the long term and maximizing the usage of resources. Apple is the world’s leading tech giant company and the brand employs a holistic marketing approach; the customers quickly make the buying decision by seeing the product in the showroom.


Holistic marketing promotes communication among various units of the company because they all have a shared common goal and objective. It makes sure that various departments of the company are harmoniously collaborating with each other to spread brand awareness.


The holistic market strategy brings various units and departments of the company on the same page, rather than sending conflicting information among various units. It develops cohesiveness with all the customers.

Components of Holistic Marketing 

Some of the main components of holistic marketing are as follows;

Internal Marketing

The holistic market perceives customers of two main types; internal and external. The internal customers comprise employees and they play a significant role in the promotion. However, external customers are the top priority for the company. Internal marketing focuses on treating employees as the customers of the company and persuades them to follow the core values of the company as the external customers.

Relationship Marketing

The focus of relationship marketing is to develop a relationship with partners, competitors, employees, and current and potential customers. Its focus is on developing a comprehensive business plan that would include the whole business system. The activities would comprise developing and cultivating a strong emotional bond to earn their loyalty, rather than communicating with them on a need basis.

Societal Marketing

The focus of societal marketing is keeping in mind the broader perspectives of society at a bigger scale. It follows the principle that the company is a part of society and it should follow its rules and regulations. However, they engage in activities like philanthropy and adapting business ethics to keep in mind the concerns of society. It motivates all of its stakeholders to follow societal concerns.

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing offers such a great interaction experience to the customers. They do so by combining various communication channels like digital marketing, direct marketing, advertising, public relations, and public relations.

Performance Marketing

The focus of performance marketing is on various activities of the business like customer equity, branding, legal and ethical responsibilities of the company, sales and promotion of the company’s products and services, and others.

The framework of Holistic Marketing 

The framework of holistic marketing comprises of following stages;

Recognition & Analysis

The first stage of a holistics market campaign is to analyze the target customer market and recognize the potential values and opportunities. The growth potential of the company is reliant on the cognitive space of customers, the availability of resources, and the capability of the company. After analyzing various areas of the company, the brand would have sufficient data to develop its campaign.

Creation & Development

When it comes to adding market value to spread on various media channels, it is important that you should understand the psychology of customers and how it is relevant to the business. The development of market strategies requires a very proficient mind.


After implementing the market campaign, next, you should analyze whether it is delivering value to the customers or not. It makes sure customer loyalty and the long term sustainability of the campaign and it is one of the key elements of the company’s growth and progress.

Examples of Holistic Marketing 

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is the world’s leading soft drink brand and the core value of the company is happiness rather than trying to attract new customers. While launching their new franchises in various location points, they promote happiness and somehow attach it to the brand. It allows the brand to retain existing customers and attract new ones.


Samsung is a giant tech company that manufactures innovative digital products. The core message of the tech company is serving the needs and wishes of customers. However, the company provides highly efficient customer service at its showrooms.

Conclusion: What is Holistic Marketing? Importance, Components, Examples 

After an in-depth study of what is holistic marketing, its importance; various components, framework, and examples; we have realized that the holistic marketing campaign is significant for the growth of your company. If you’re planning to develop a holistic campaign for your business, then you should follow the abovementioned guidelines.                                                                    

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