What is Corporate Identity? Importance, Elements, Examples

Businesses and companies are using various branding strategies to attract the attention of target customers. Building a corporate identity is an important element of launching a marketing and advertisement campaign, and it assists companies in recognizing their mission and values. Today, we’ll discuss what is corporate identity; its importance, elements, and examples.

What is Corporate Identity? 

Corporate identity is the way how a business or a brand presents itself to the public. It comprises all the elements of the company’s public image like dressing codes, uniform of the staff, logos, product packaging, and advertising and marketing techniques.

Different visual aspects of the company work in collaboration to develop a clear, definitive, and identifiable corporate identity. The focus of this concept is to comprehend how the internal operations of the company develop public perception. You can use this insight to establish an effective and intentional image of the company.

Corporate Identity versus Brand Identity

Some people use corporate and brands identity synonymously, but they’re different in various ways. The brand identity outlines specifically the product’s focus, ethics, and quality. It focuses on the specific offering of the band image.

On the other hand, the corporate identity outlines the company’s focus, values, and ethics that develop the product or service. It focuses on the parent company and highlights the image of the corporation.

For instance, Unilever is a parent company and many brands are operating their business under its umbrella like Dove. Here whatever Unilever does, it represents its corporate identity, and the identity of Dove is its brand identity.  

Importance of Corporate Identity 

The public perception of the company would assist in building the customer database which contributes to the overall success of the company. The corporation identity would help you to develop and maintain the company’s message; it becomes easier for the target customers to identify you and choose your offer over competitors.

It’s such a business tool that would help you to distinguish your brands from the competitors; it makes sure that the perception among customers remains consistent with the company’s values. Some of the main benefits of the corporation identities are as follows;


Developing the corporation identities would make sure that the brand representation and communication would remain consistent. All the representatives of the corporation communicate with the stakeholders and clients in the same way.


The reliability of your company would help you to regulate your visual marketing strategies on different platforms like commercial billboards and social media channels. The consistency would suggest that the company is reliable and dependable.


The corporation identities would show your target customers that the company has got the expertise, organization, and trustworthiness.

Element of Corporate Identity 

It’s difficult to maintain a positive impression on all types of customers at once, that’s why companies employ their corporation identities. Some of the main three elements are as follows;

Corporates Design

It’s the integration of your company’s assets that builds up your company’s uniqueness and attracts the attention of customers. Usually, it consists of different visual aspects of the company like typography, style guide, and logo.

Corporates Behavior

The corporation’s behavior would show the company’s values and philosophies. This is the way companies present their brands to other consumers and organizations. Participating in the endeavors of social responsibility would suggest your corporation behavior.

Corporates Communication

It outlines how companies share out information with their investors, consumers, stakeholders, and employees. It comprises different processes of the company like media relations, investors, reputation management, and public relations.

How to Build Corporate Identity 

Some of the main steps on how to build a corporate identity are as follows;

Conducting Brand Audit

A brand audit is a process of analyzing your company’s success in the market and brand’s position, and focusing on the areas that are growing and need improvements. Business executives and company leaders have the responsibility of comprehending the most contributing factors toward business growth. It comprises of in-depth analysis of competitors’ brand strategies and how to distinguish your brand in order to maintain uniqueness.

Recognizing Messaging Statements

The messaging statements send the underlying values of the company using distinct and intentional language in your marketing message. Recognizing the core philosophies and values of the company is an important element of refining your company’s identity. However, it comprises public principles and a mission statement that you share with the public.

It focuses on your brand value proposition and the things you offer to the customers. You have to know whether it’s meeting their needs and requirements or not.

Creative Elements

The creative aspect of your company comprises the visual elements like; the uniform of employees, design of storefront, design of the storefront, advertisement material, overall styles, colors, fonts, and logo. The creative element would develop the brand voice that is consistent and aligned with the company’s values and attract the attention of your target customers.

Beneficial Strategies

Implementing various strategies would help you to amplify your brand awareness among your target customers and strengthen your band. The public relations strategies would help you to increase your customer’s reach by using print interviews, television ads, and social media platforms. The strategies comprise developing the content strategy that describes your unique values and brand store to your target audience.

Analyze & Modify

It is a continuous process and it requires you to change and adapt along with the changing interests, desires, and views of customers. When you analyze and evaluate your company’s performance; your public reputation would help you to make sure that the company delivers its ethics and values.

Examples of Corporate Identity 


Starbucks is a high-quality premium coffee brand. The main thing behind the popularity of the brand is the consistent brand design, corporate promise, and atmosphere at its stores all over the world. However, Starbucks is a socially responsible brand and the company offers employment to refugees and helps farmers. All these factors have helped the company earn the trust of customers.


The slogan of Apple is “Think Different” and the brand makes sure that the message aligns with all of the brand offers. It helps the company to stand out from its competitors all over the world. However, Apple offers donations to educational programs and many others in the community. It helped the company to maintain a strong corporate identity over the years.

Conclusion: What is Corporate Identity? Importance, Elements, Examples 

After an in-depth study of what is corporate identity; its importance, elements, how to build it, and examples; we have realized that corporates identities play a significant role in their brand image. If you’re building it for your business, then follow and practice the abovementioned steps.

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