What is Brand Voice? How to Create It, Examples

In today’s competitive environment, businesses and companies are doing their best to create a great impression in the minds of customers. Having a unique brand voice is one of the best ways to make an impact. Today, we’ll discuss what is brand voice; its importance, how to create it, and its examples.

In a research study on the type of content that customers find unique on social media platforms; 32% of the people say that the content offers a complete storyline; 32% of them say that has a distinct personality; 40% say that is memorable.

What is Brand Voice? 

Brand voice the unique personality of the company that it presents to the world. It should be consistent in communicating on various social media platforms, advertisements, email, blog posts, and websites. It doesn’t matter whatever terms your channel is handling, it shouldn’t change.

For instance, the brands voice of the streetwear would be urban slang, and it’s completely different from the hiking outwear company. The brands voice of the sports car manufacturers would be different from the family estate vehicles.

Brand Voice versus Brand Tone

The brands voice is the personality of the company that is consistent on various media platforms, and the consistent message doesn’t change. It defines the way how you express your goals, values, and views to the customers. However, it allows companies to identify customers and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The brands tone is the emotional reply of the brands voice. You can make the tone relevant to the situation and circumstances that you’re writing and talking about. It shows that you comprehend the feelings of your target customers and empathize with them most appropriately.

Importance of Brand Voice 

Brands voicing allows them to develop a strong relationship with their target customers. A clear BV helps customers to understand the company better and be familiar with it. However, a good BV strategy allows companies to open a dialogue with their customers.

The BV allows companies to express their goals and values successfully. It is significant to share the right brand personality so that the customers could recognize and perceive it well. However, it guides the target customers of the company about quality and the company’s culture. You should have a strong BV if you want your brand to be recognizable.

After the high customer engagement, the management could analyze the type of people they’re dealing with. The company could offer more relevant content and find the most appropriate communication style, and that would meet the needs of customers. A good relationship with customers would allow companies to amplify their traffic and send the right message to the customers.

How to Create Brand Unique Brand Voice 

Some of the main steps on how to create a unique brand voice are as follows;

Mission Statement

The personality of the company shares your values and principles, and the mission statement seamlessly expresses your message to the customers. When you develop and revise the mission statement, ensure that it includes the core values of your company. After that, you could easily choose the most suitable and appropriate words to share your message.

Revising Current Content

If the company has got its platform and media channel that is marketing and promoting its brands, then it’s time to revise and analyze the content. When you evaluate your social media platforms, ads, blog posts, and websites, then it offers you an opportunity to study the consistency of your brand. You will find whether the company’s message is meeting its goals and objectives or not. If you want to know what types of content resonate with customers, you should select the one that has the highest level of customer engagement.

Running a Poll

If the company has already got a database of customers, then you should know them and how they perceive your brands. You should conduct a survey and ask questions from your target customers, it allows you to develop the most suitable BV message for your customers. You should share the polls on social media platforms and encourage customers to participate in them.

Chart Creation

You should develop a special chart in order to develop consistency with the brands voice and brands personality. You can come up with 3 to 4 words that best describe your company and develop a chart using them. The chart comprises arguments that support the traits that you select.

Brands Consistency

You should develop strict guidelines and follow them carefully if you want to ensure that your team should remain in content creation. The department of the company would follow the standards and be consistent in various situations. Resultantly, the company would achieve success.

Examples of Brand Voice 


The management of Tiffany has carefully developed the elegant, classic, and witty brand voice; and communicated it effectively. The company always remained consistent with its marketing message throughout its campaign. That’s why customers would love to pay extra for the quality and elegant jewelry of Tiffany.

Harley Davidson

It is renowned motorbike brands and the company has maintained the brand voice of rough and strong. The brands share the message in a strong, rugged, and confident tone of voice. However, the target audience of the company comprises bold and rebellious people.

Conclusion: What Is Brand Voice? How to Create It, Examples 

After an in-depth study of what is brand voice; its importance, how to create it; and examples; we have realized that BV plays a significant role for the company. If you’re developing it for your company, then you should follow the above-mentioned tips.

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