What is Brand Mission? Importance, How to Create It, Examples

Perhaps you may be wondering how to summarize your company’s goals, objectives, and strategies in a few sentences that would reflect everything about your company. That’s where the role of brand mission comes into play. Today, we’ll discuss what is brand mission statement; its importance, how to create it, and examples.

What is Brand Mission? 

The brand mission is a short, declarative, active-oriented, and punchy statement. It comprises various components that define your company and make it unique. However, its goal is to establish an emotional connection with the target audience. It could be your stakeholders, potential customers, employees, and even your direct competitors.

Some of the main features of the brands mission statement are as follows;

  • Methods and ways that the company uses to serve its customers
  • Future plans, purpose, and objectives of the company
  • Talks about the organization

The key here is to add all of these features and elements about your brands in short descriptive sentences that should make a strong impact.

Importance of Brand Mission Statement 

A powerful brand mission statement is one of the main pillars of successful brands. Some of the main reasons for its importance are as follows;

Cultural Framework

Brands mission statement is equally important for your employees because they’re the ones that make the final product possible. It comprises characteristics, traits, objectives, and values that lay down the cultural framework of your workplace environment. However, it means your employees would represent your brands, speak on their behalf, and have the capability to make the decision. It is a great way to express your brands in such a way as what you believe in.

Communication with Customers

The main objective of BMS is to express your authenticity and the unique essence of your company as a provider of products and services. When they read the BM, it tells them what your company is all about and how it could make a difference in their lives. However, it allows you to build a connection with your potential customers and make them purchase your product/service.

Focused Strategy

Sometimes, you come across a project that seems interesting and catchy, and you can’t follow it through somehow. The BM helps you to avoid such distracting projects that seem interesting but don’t align with your company’s strategy. Such projects not only waste your time, money, and resources. However, whenever you find any opportunity, you should check it with your company’s mission whether it matches or not.

Elevated Pitch

If you somehow manage to come up with a very interesting and catchy BM statement that is one of a kind; then it would become a perfect pitch line when you present your brands to your target customers’ market and company’s stakeholders. When you describe your company’s future plans, purpose, and values in a short and simple way; your customers would immediately know whether you’re the right fit for them or not.

How to Create Brand Mission Statement – Tips 

Some of the main tips on how to create a brand mission statement are as follows;

Do it in a Team

While crafting the BM statement, it is important that you should add various people from different departments to your team. For instance, when you receive input from the social media marketing department, sales, and logistics; then it makes a much bigger impact than you think.

When you bring everyone on the same page, it fosters the environment and culture of collaboration, employee engagement, and teamwork. Most important, it would make them feel that the management trusts them and they’re valuable to the company.

Short & Sweet

You would have a long paragraph when you include the suggestion of various people in it. It’s better to summarize your mission statement and limit it to a few sentences or less. For instance, you’re running an e-commerce business from San Francisco, and you want to answer the following things;

  • Price differentiation and you want to offer a quality product that won’t make broke
  • Your brand plans to make a positive impact on the world with nutritious, organic, and healthy food that is easily accessible
  • Core values are sustainability, quality, and affordability
  • Targeting budget and health-conscious customers

You come up with a BM statement “Our object is to make San Francisco healthy with organic food, sustainable, great quality that won’t break their bank.”

Right Questions

You should precisely know what exactly you want to communicate and the questions you plan to address to your target customers. The good thing is to create a list of questions that you want to answer; answer them in the BM statement. Your questions would be like this;

  • The things that would make your company differentiated from competitors
  • The positive impact of your brands on the world
  • Core values of your brands
  • Your target customers and audience

After creating the list of questions, you should come up with a statement that would answer all of the questions that your customers are looking for.

Watch & Learn

While crafting the BM statement, one of the most important things that you can do is to study the building process of other competitive companies and how they have done it. I don’t mean that you should copy them, just watch and learn, and it would give inspiration and give you new ideas.

Examples of Brand Mission Statement 


“Spread Ideas”

The BM statement is so simple and punchy and it conveys precisely the right message that TED wants to communicate.


“To save people money so they can live better”

The BM statement of Walmart is short and sweet.


“Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”

The BM statement of Google is exactly what the company has been doing.

Conclusion: What is Brand Mission? Importance, How to Create It, Examples 

After an in-depth study of what is brand mission; its importance, how to create it, and examples; we have realized that the BM statement is highly significant for your company. If you’re building it for your company, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.

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