How to Write a Company Profile


A company profile comprises many things like a performance statement, goals & objectives, and mission statement in order to prove the worth and value of the company to stakeholders and investors. When you write an effective and engaging company profile, then it presents a better image of the company. Today, we’ll discuss how to write a company profile, its significance, and professional suggestions for writing a strong profile in step-by-step guidelines. 

What is a Company Profile?

A company profile introduces a company to its readers and stakeholders and informs them about its strengths, goals, mission statement, and other activities. It often describes the company’s products/services and foundation story that how the company came to existence. However, the owners of small businesses usually write their company’s profile; and the large corporations assign this task to their employees. They write company profiles for two main reasons; 

  • Social Media & Company’s Website: when you share a company’s profile on social media platforms and the company’s website, then you tell users about the company’s origin, history, values, and mission.  
  • Investment Plan: it provides information about the company to the potential investors so that they could make a decision whether to invest in the company or not. 

Some profiles are short and the others are long up to 10 pages. However, the length of a company’s profile depends on several factors like; company’s size, age, the importance of the company’s profile, and the audience. 

Significance of Writing a Company Profile 

Some of the main reasons why the company’s profile is important are as follows; 

  • Business Growth: the company profile would show the growth of the company’s revenue and operations. 
  • Public Image: it presents a positive public image of the company in society. 
  • Communicating Culture & Values: company profile focuses on company values and culture in order to attract investors and stakeholders with its positive image 

How to Write a Company Profile

It’s time to discuss how to write a company profile, some of the main steps in writing a profile are as follows; 

Purpose of the Profile 

First of all, you should clearly know the purpose of writing the company profile. It’s because different companies focus on the different elements in their company profiles depending on their end goals and target audience. However, once you know the purpose of the profile, then you would know what elements to emphasize. Some of the main elements that you should consider emphasizing are as follows; 

  • Performance: performance is one of the key elements in the company profile; it provides you an opportunity to emphasize it in terms of revenue, growth, etc. 
  • Value of Products: if the focus of your company profile is investors, then you should discuss the value of your product among the target audience. 
  • Company Values: whether your focus is on the target customer or attracting the attention of investors, then you should use such language that explains the company’s values. 

Format & Style 

After recognizing the purpose, next, you should work on the structure and style of the profile. However, it would allow you to organize content in such a way that is readable, appealing, and understandable. The most famous format for organizing the information in the company profile is to use headings and subheadings. 

Contact Information 

It’s better if you start the company profile by company’s name, website, and contact details. Such contact information would allow the users to search out the company on their own. However, if your focus is on potential investors, then make sure to add the contact details of anyone. 

Mission Statement/How to write a company profile

Here you talk about the mission statement of the company in the profile, and the mission statement discusses the values and purpose of the company. Some of the main elements in the mission statement are as follows; 

  • Distinction: the things that make your product/service unique
  • Products/services: you should clearly state what products/services your company is offering
  • Target audience: a good mission statement talks about the needs and wishes of the target customers

Company’s History 

A company profile should add a short story about the origin and foundation of the company. You should format this information in the form of a short paragraph; it would provide a motivating insight in creating the company. Further, you can add the details like location, area, and founding date in order to support your information. 

Products & Services 

As the name implies, you describe what products/services your company is offering. The list could be long and exhausting, or you can provide a general description and the top-selling products/services of the company. 

Awards & Accolades 

At this section of the company profile, you should create a list of all the awards and accolades that the company has ever achieved. It would help you to give additional value to the profile that the company has prestige in the business community. 

Financial Information 

If you’re writing the company’s profile for investors, then it’s very important to add financial information like; 

  • Past Performance Record: the performance record would show the growth of the company in the past
  • Strategies: the strategies that the company would use in order to achieve its goals 
  • Financial Targets: the end goals and targets would show the company’s commitment towards achieving them.


You can also add the demographic information in the company profile like; 

  • Diversity Statistics: the information about diversity means the right mixture of employees in terms of gender, race, various ages, etc 
  • Number of Employees: the total number of employees in the company would show the size of the company 


It’s important to add the testimonials of satisfied employees and customers. It gives the impression that the company has maintained a professional workplace culture for employees and customers. However, the testimonial is like quoting someone’s words and mentioning their name and title along with it. 

Suggestions for Writing a Strong Profile 

Some of the main tips and suggestions that you should keep in mind in order to create a strong company profile are as follows; 

  • Subheadings: you should use headings and subheadings, it would help you to organize your content, and make it easier for the readers to read and understand. 
  • Logo: you should add your company’s logo to the profile; it would amplify the brand recognition, and give a unique design to your document. 
  • Design: you should keep in mind the design of your document in terms of white spaces, graphics, color, and fonts. You can also adapt the branding design of your company for the profile. 
  • Proofread/Edit the profile: before sharing your company profile on social media, website, and publically, you should double-check your document to remove all the errors. A correct document makes a positive and professional image on readers. 

 Template of a Company Profile 

Company name 



Contact person name 

His phone number 

His email address 

Mission statement


About us (a paragraph about the company’s history, origin, and other facts)




Product & services 


Financial information 


Awards & recognition (their name and job title)


Conclusion: How to write a company profile 

After an in-depth study of how to write a company profile, we’ve concluded that a written company profile plays a significant role in attracting the attention of customers and investors. If you want to write an effective company profile, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned suggestions and template. 

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