What is Advertising Objectives? Top 15, Examples 

Advertisement is an area of marketing and it involves a lot of creativity and brainstorming in order to make things different. Often, people confuse advertisement and marketing, but the goals and objectives of advertisement are different from marketing. Today, we’ll discuss what is advertising objectives; focus on the top 15 advertising objectives.

Advertising Objectives – Top 15, Examples 

The objective of advertisement is to establish a two-way line of communication between the customer and the company. Before the introduction of digital advertisement and marketing, there was a one-way communication line between customers and the company. Digital media channels like sponsored posting have made two-way communication possible. Let’s discuss the top 15 advertising objectives, and they’re as follows;

Product Introduction

Commonly, the reason businesses and companies launch advertisement campaigns while introducing a new product in the market. You can find a lot of ads about the launch of the latest models of smartphones and other products in the market. The goal of such an advertisement is to inform customers that the company has introduced a new product in the market for customers.

Brand Introduction

There are many new startup companies and most of them offer some sort of services. When it comes to marketing and promotion of services, they identify them as a brand rather than marketing their individual offer. For instance, Uber and Google are service-providing companies, but their focus is on marketing their brand. The purpose of promoting their brand is to show their presence in the market, rather than marketing their individual product.

Spreading Awareness

The most important job of an advertising campaign is to attract the attention of the customer, and that is spreading awareness. The focus of an advertising campaign is to attract the attention of customers and spread awareness about the product and its features in the market.

For instance, the ad campaigns of banks focus on brand awareness and their offers. Bankers’ advertisement focuses on their offers like debit and credit cards, mutual funds, and savings.

Attracting Customers

Along with many other goals and objectives, the advertisement campaign focuses on attracting the attention of new customers. For instance, many telecommunication companies advertise various types of packages and deals in order to attract new customers. Almost all telecom companies globally launch advertising campaigns to acquire new customers with their packages and deal offers.

Value Creation

Advertisement is a creative field and it focuses on differentiating a company’s products and services from the competitors. Customers could differentiate your offer based on the value you’re providing. For instance, if the competitive firms are promoting the features of their products; you are marketing the promises and commitment of your offers. The customers would trust your offer and brand because you’re providing them with more value.

For instance, Amazon, Toyota, and Coca-Cola are the world’s most trusted brands. They launch more creative advertisement campaigns in their respective niche and category. The focus of its campaign is to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Establishing Brand

When a company launches an advertisement campaign to offer a quality product and keeps its promises. There are various elements of establishing a brand; different brands have got different goals and objectives. For instance, companies like HUL and P&G allocate a significant amount of money for the promotion of their parent brand.

The Indian government banned the production and sale of Maggi because of the lead material found in its products. But the restriction on Maggi didn’t impact the parent company Nestle and its other subsidiary brands. However, that’s why it’s important to establish a brand with a good image that offers various quality products and services in the market.

Product & Brand Recall

The other main goal of an advertising campaign is to make customers recall your product and brand name while shopping. The company should have a good brand position in the minds of customers. For instance, Hermes, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and others have established their position as premium brands. The high prices and premium quality products, those companies achieved this premium brand status through advertisement campaigns. Customers could easily recognize their brand and product while shopping and good ads impact their buying decision.

High Sales

Businesses and companies launch advertisement campaigns to amplify their sale, and it helps them to achieve their targets. If the company fails to focus and target its audience, the advertisement won’t deliver the results. Usually, seasonal products require a promotional ad campaign to amplify their sales immediately. For instance, ice cream brands launch promotional ads to increase their sale in the summer.

High Profitability

Speaking of sale increment, the advertisement campaign also helps companies to increase their profitability along with sales. That’s why companies and brands don’t consider an advertisement budget as a liability and expense; they consider it as an investment.

Creating Desire

Attractive visuals of the advertisement create desires in the minds of customers and make them buy your product. The products of Adidas, Harley Davidson, Audi, and BMW brands are highly desirable because of their creative ads. However, the definition of a good ad is that creates the desire in the minds of customers and makes customers buy your product whether they need it or not.

CTA (Call To Action)

One of the main objectives of digital advertisement is to make customers take action. Various types of ads like social media ads, link ads, and banner ads; all make customers take some actions like surveys, watching the video, visiting the website, subscription, buying, or something else.


Companies advertise their new products and services in the market through advertisements in the form of trials. Sometimes, companies advertise to offer their products for a free, premium subscription with no money or offering gifts. The trails advertisements make customers at least try your product.


Consistency in advertisement campaigns allows companies to stay in the minds of customers. Marketers and advertisers always focus on doing something unique and creative to retain customers’ engagement.

Brand Switch

Brand switching is to some extent to attract new customers. Some new customers of your brand are actually switching their brand from one service to another. However, the brand switch sends a powerful message in the market that the loyal customers are changing their brand. That’s why companies launch different types of offers and deals to lure customers to switch their brands. For instance, Vodafone launched the Zoozoo campaign to influence the mind of customers toward brand switching.

Switching Back

The other goal of advertisement campaign is to attract those customers that have gone away to other brands. Companies could bring back special offers and deals to win their trust, and reward them for their return.

Conclusion: What is Advertising Objectives? Top 15, Examples 

After an in-depth study of what is advertising objectives; the top 15 goals with examples; we have realized that advertisements help brands in various ways. If you want the growth of your business, then you should consider running an ad campaign relevant to your business needs and requirements.  

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