PESTLE Analysis of Dell

Pestle analysis of Dell Inc. Dell Technologies is a computer-producing American multinational company and it offers customer support, sales, repair, and many product-related services. Michael Dell established Dell Inc on Feb 01, 1984. Its headquarters is situated in Round Rock, Texas, USA.

Some of the main products and services of Dell are peripherals, smartphones, televisions, software, computers, data centers, computer hardware, IT consulting, laptops, and IT consulting.

Dell has employed roundabout 165,000 employees to manage the various operations of the brand at different location points worldwide. It’s one of the top computer manufacturing companies.

According to a financial estimate, Dell’s annual revenue was 92.144 billion dollars in 2020 and it increased by 0.2%. Out of which company’s net income was 2.43 billion dollars and it reduced by 37.81%.

Some of the main competitors of Dell technologies are IBM, Samsung, HP, Sony, Apple, Asus, Microsoft, Lenovo, and Toshiba.

Today, we’ll study the pestle analysis of Dell. It will examine the macro-environmental factors of the computer manufacturing company. For internal factors, check out the swot analysis of Dell. Here’s the pestle analysis of Dell as follows;

Political Factors Impacting Dell 

Government Regulations

The government and political regulations of different countries are different. Dell is a multinational brand and operates its business in different countries. The company has to keep in mind the taxation regulation, trade tariff, currency exchange rate, and political environment. They all can impact the company’s growth.

US & China

China and Europe are the two major markets for Dell. The former Trump administration had a very deep conflict with the Chinese government. Both of these countries have increased import and export taxes on each other. The retail price of Dell products increased a lot during the tenure of the Trump administration.

Hopefully, things will calm down during the presidency of Joe Biden between China and the USA. Political stability is very important for the growth of businesses.

Political Conflict

The political conflict among neighboring countries like India and Pakistan could directly impact Dell. For instance, India and Pakistan are neighbors and they have a fierce conflict on all levels. The conflict makes it difficult for the company to import and export products from one country to another. It badly impacts the sale of computers.

Political System

Dell Inc. operates its business in the US and the country is very well with the political and administration of the democratic systems. The political system of different countries is different like democratic, socialist, communist, and dictatorial. Dell may have to bend its laws and running system according to the country’s political system.

Economical Factors Impacting Dell 

Economic Recession

The lockdown, and shutdown of businesses have pushed the global economy into economic recession. The net income and profitability of Dell have declined by approximately 37.81% in 2020. The real havoc of the post-pandemic world is yet to come when things would get back to normal after the pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs and many more will, it has decreased their profitability.


Taxation plays a very important role in setting the price of the product. The higher taxes would increase the retail price of computers. The purchasing power of people is already low due to the pandemic. It would reduce the company’s sales.

Import & Export Cost

Dell is a multinational computer manufacturing brand and operates its business worldwide. The import, export, and shipment costs increase the overprice of the final product. PCs and laptops are luxury items. A slight increase in price makes it unaffordable to many customers. Dell would lose its customer market share and profitability.


StatSoft, AppAssure Software, and Alienware are some of the acquisitions of Dell. It has helped the computer manufacturing company to diversify its product portfolio and revenue streams. At the same time, it increases the legal and management costs. The brand should find a balance.

Social Factors Impacting Dell 

Laptop Usage

In the beginning, laptop usage was limited to office work and adults only. Nowadays, people of all different ages use laptops and PCs. They can use it at any time for different purposes. The usage growth has increased the market of Dell.

The brand offers different types of computer products for kids, business professionals, tech-savvy people, gamers, and many others. Dell is facing huge competition from brands like Asus, Lenovo, Apple, and HP. It’s because they’re offering the same products.

Gaming Laptop & E-Sports  

The trend of online gaming and e-sports has increased a lot among teenagers in recent years. Dell also offers gaming laptops for online gamers. Playing video games isn’t a hobby anymore. It’s become a profession, adults, kids, and teenagers play online games live stream the event, and earn millions of dollars.

Gaming laptops have specific requirements like high VGA and graphic cards, high RAM, and speed drive. Dell is facing fierce competition from MSI, a professional gaming device manufacturing brand.

Study the Demographic

As we know people use laptops and PCs for various purposes like education, gaming, work, entertainment, and many other usages. Dell should keep in mind the needs and requirements of different demographics and offer them the products accordingly. The company should also know the income level of the target market.

Technological Factors Affecting Dell 

Changing Tech

We’re living in a fast world of changing technology. Many tech companies like HuaweiAppleGoogleSamsungAmazonFacebookMicrosoft, and many others are competing with one another technologically. Every new latest tech development makes the previous technology obsolete.

The demand of the customer markets is also changing. For instance, keyboards and a mouse were in great demand once. The arrival of laptops reduced their market. Now, we’re going through a phase of touchscreen technology. Next, there’ll be hollow screen technology and something else.

Gaming Laptops  

As we know Dell has been manufacturing and offering gaming laptops. The brand has recently acquired Alienware, a gaming laptop brand. It has upgraded the graphics card with high capacity and they play the heavy graphics of the games smoothly. The demand of the customer market is growing along with competition. It has become very difficult for the company to keep up with the competition and growing technology.

Legal Factors Impacting Dell

Labor Laws

Dell is running its computer manufacturing business in different countries worldwide. The company has to keep in mind the minimum wage laws, labor laws, working hours, employees’ welfare, and working conditions.

The brand faced a child labor lawsuit in Dec 2019 on the allegation that the company was using a child in some of its manufacturing facilities in Congo. Dell should be aware and try to stop such practices if any of its production units are using them.

Rules & Regulations

The government rules and regulations of different countries are different. For instance, the Indian government follows the GST laws. If Dell hadn’t changed its operations and policies accordingly, then it would have been a great loss to the company.

Dell should also keep in mind the environmental laws of different countries. It’s because the world is getting cautious about environmental changes. Dell had to pay huge taxes in China for not following the environmental laws.

Environmental Factors Affecting Dell 

Electronic Waste

The government and environmental movement are pressurizing tech companies like Dell to reduce their carbon emissions and carbon footprint. The increasing electronic waste is a serious problem. The brand should start manufacturing its products with biodegradable plastic. The production of recyclables would provide the brand with a competitive. It would certainly attract a lot of eco-friendly customers market. Most importantly, it would reduce environmental pollution.

Conclusion: Dell PESTLE Analysis Example Company

After a careful study of the pestle analysis of Dell, we’ve concluded that Dell is indeed the world’s top manufacturing company. Carbon/electronic waste and lawsuits are serious threats. Dell should exploit the gaming trend and increase its market share; while paying heed on the external political, economical, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors.

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