PESTLE Analysis of COVID-19

PESTLE Analysis of COVID-19. Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a deadly contagious virus and it belongs to the family of “Coronaviridae” and a subfamily of “Orthocoronavirinae.” It causes mild and severe respiratory tract infection and vascular diseases among birds and humans. It broke out in the Chinese province Wuhan roundabout by mid and late 2019.

Some of the common symptoms of covid-19 are cold, fever, loss of sense of taste and smell, difficult breathing, fatigue, coughing, memory loss, and shortness of breaths. The symptoms may last from 2 to 15 days, and sometimes it takes a month in severe cases. According to the researches that it’s a highly contagious virus and it can easily among people 48 to 72 hours before they show any of the symptoms.

According to an estimate, there are reported cases of 55 million people infected from the covid-19 by the end of 2020. Out of which 35.2 million people recover from it and 1.33 million died from it across the world.

The reason covid-19 has turned out so deadly is that there is currently no vaccine that could work against the virus. The research on covid-19 are still going on around the world. People use support care, paracetamol tablets, isolation, social distancing, and other measures to avoid the spread of the virus.

In the pestle analysis of covid-19, we’ll study how the coronavirus has affected the macro-environment of countries, businesses, and companies across the world. Here’s the pestle analysis of covid-19;

Political Impact due to COVID-19

Government Measures & Control

Worldwide governments have been under great pressure ever since the covid-19 broke out. It is because people want results from government officials; that’s why they pay their taxes. Mass lockdowns, the shutdown of businesses, forcing people to wear masks, and enforcing people to maintain social distancing are some of the common measures that the government has taken to control the spread of the virus.

Some authoritative governments like China and North Korea have taken even more severe measures by shutting to houses. It’s very difficult to know the exact number of cases, casualties, and recovered victims because they have controlled media in their countries. We’ll have only one side of the picture the total number of deaths in China is 4634.

Disrupted Trade System

Since many countries rely on one another for the supply of goods and services. Massive worldwide shutdowns and lockdowns of businesses have disturbed the supply chain system. Many countries had faced shortages of supplies in the beginning. It has made countries to consider that they shouldn’t rely on others.

2nd & 3rd Phase of covid-19 in 2020-2021

During the period of the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, it created a lot of conspiracy theories since the virus was new. Lockdown started to seem like the most obvious solution as time passed. Things started to cool down in the summer, mid of 2020, and the number of total cases started to drop.

As the winter of 2020 means the 2nd phase of the virus, there are reports of new cases and casualties of the coronavirus. Things wouldn’t go back to normal until we have the vaccine.

Economical Impact due to COVID-19

Poor Condition of Businesses

One of the major impacts of COVID-19 is on small businesses and companies. It’s because they have no choice but to shut down their businesses. Big companies can afford the shutdown, but it’s an alternative to death for small businesses. People are consuming their savings without earning anything.

Multi-Years Recession

The real impact of the post-pandemic of covid-19 is yet to come when all the businesses are back on track and running. Only then we be able to measure the impact of it. Experts and economics are suggesting that the longer the lockdown and shutdown go, the more we’ll see the multi-year recession shortly. It’s because businesses won’t be able to hire many people, it would cause to increase in the unemployment rate, and the buying power of people would be short.

Shortage of Workforce

If the 2nd phase of COVID-19 hits hard, it would put people into an isolation center. The businesses would probably face a shortage of skilled workers. It’s because some would be ill and others would be afraid to expose themselves to the threat of the virus.

Increasing Unemployment

The unemployment rate has already increased because of the shutdown of businesses. It would continue to increase in the upcoming months.

Social Impact due to COVID-19

Public Panic

The outbreak of the virus caused a lot of panic because people didn’t have all the answers. They didn’t know how long it would last, and they still don’t. For instance, there was a shortage of food/water supplies and toilet paper, and people were fighting over it because of the widespread panic.

Racism against Asians

Since the virus started from China, Asia, therefore, many US hotels and restaurants stopped serving food to Asian background people and did not allow them to enter the restaurants. Even though they have been living in the US for decades, there are also reports of physical and violent assaults against Asian people.

Traveling Issues

Worldwide governments decided to close down all airlines, trains, and local public transport. It made people stuck wherever they were at different locations across the world. They couldn’t go back to their homes. It disturbed many people socially. However. it had a serious impact on the transport businesses because millions of people are associated with the transportation business worldwide.

Work from Home

Although COVID-19 has many bad impacts, it has also started a culture of working from home. Many tech companies sent their employees back home and started communicating with them online. There were Zoom meetings, live sessions, online contracts, and online classes and education.

Technological Impact due to COVID-19

Research & Development in Virology

Scientists and researchers around the world are conducting various studies on the virus to develop a vaccine. But they haven’t succeeded yet. Hopefully, they’ll discover a vaccine and put an end to this virus and a worldwide pandemic.

Legal Factors

Face Mask Legislation

The face mask helps you breathe in and breathe out safely not allowing coronavirus to enter your body through oxygen. That’s why governments across the world making it necessary for people to wear face masks in public places. According to an estimate, approximately more than 50 countries across the world have made it mandatory for people to wear a face mask. If you aren’t wearing it in public places, then the police would find you a certain amount of money. The amount of charges varies from country to country.

Environmental Factors

Less Carbon Emission & Clean Atmosphere

Although COVID-19 and the lockdown of businesses have devastating economic impacts, it has decreased pollution, and air quality has gotten much better. According to an estimate conducted by, the industrial and sewerage decreased by approximately 500% during the lockdown period. Worldwide noise pollution has decreased from 38 to 68%, and the pH level of the river water of both DO (dissolved oxygen) and BOD (biological oxygen demand) has gotten better roundabout 79% and 30% respectively. The condition of wildlife has also got better and they got a chance to reclaim the land again.

Conclusion: COVID-19 PESTLE Analysis Example Area

PESTLE analysis of COVID-19 is reshaping our world politically, economically, socially, and technology. It has posed many challenges to the macro-environment of the world. In the pestle analysis of COVID-19, we have discussed some of the important issues that have appeared so far, and the rest we’ll discuss once they appear.  

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