How to Write a Business Memo


Businesses and companies use business memos as the primary source of delivery the information within the organization. The goal is to distribute effective and fast information and it usually comprises of the executive summary. Today, we’ll discuss how to write a business memo, a professional template of the memo, and a real-life example of the business memo. 

 Professional email and business memos have the same look and formatting. However, emails are casual and business memos have formal styling. Whenever a message needs more impact, companies use memos to distribute the information. 

What is a Business Memo?

A business memo is a formal and official document that companies use as a medium to communicate with their employees. Memos are short, brief, effective, and easy to circulate. You can call memos a company’s press release. However, the different press release is for external communication, and the memo is for internal communication of the company. For instance, it contains information like business meetings, holidays, parties, company’s updates, and changes of company’s personals. 

How to Write a Business Memo

It’s time to discuss how to write a business memo. Some of the main suggestions and steps that you should keep in mind while writing the business memo are as follows; 

Purpose of the Memo

You should state the main purpose of the memo and answer the expected questions of your memo in the introductory paragraph. Before writing the details, you should create a list of reasons that are compelling you to write the memo. However, it would allow you more clarity based on the series of events in chronological order. It could be about the actions that you want the employees to take if there are any. 

Divide Information into Body Paragraphs 

The focus of the body paragraphs is on the decisions that the company is making, and how they would impact the employees. Here you should mention that the company is aware of employee’s feelings. However, you should discuss it in a way that is relatable to the employees. Make sure to be thankful to the employees and tell them that the company is aware of their hard and looking forward to working with them in order to make changes. 

Positive Language & Concise 

When you’re writing a memo to your colleagues, coworkers, and employees, then your tone should be amiable and positive. However, you should be concise and brief in your message and write active sentences. It would amplify your credibility and easily get your message across the company. 

Explanatory Subject Line 

The subject line is very important in the memo and it informs the reader what they’re going to learn in the memo. It directs them where to find it in the email section. For instance, a budget update of the marketing department subject line would make it clear to the reader that it’s for the specific department comprising of budget information. 

Template of a Business Memo 


To: Name of the department of employees within the company 

From: sender’s name and job title 

Date: Month date, year

Subject: topic relevant to the message 


Body: the body section starts with the reason and purpose of the memo, and you should describe the purpose roundabout in 2 sentences. After that, you should discuss the details that all the company’s employees from top to bottom need to know about the company’s latest update. If it’s a follow-up message of the company’s previous correspondence, then you should make sure to tell them here. 

Here you should draw the conclusion. You can also tell employees that the company is aware of employees’ reactions and concerns and how the company would plan to make it up for that. However, if you want the employees to take certain actions, then mention it here. 




First and last name

Company’s address 

Company’s phone number 

Example of Business Memo

To: Shipment & Delivery Staff

From: John Adams, Director Shipment 

Date: August 02, 2021

Subject: Up-gradation of Shipment & Delivery Process


The management has concluded to upgrade the shipment and delivery process because of the prevailing shipment delaying issues. When you’re going to send an order for delivery, make sure to leave the order delivery form at my desk, and I’ll get back to you after confirming everything. I’m aware that it would slow down the speed of the processes, but it would prevent you from making mistakes. 

If anyone has any questions, then feel free to contact me anytime. I truly appreciate your effort and hard work. 


John Adams



Conclusion: How to Write a Business Memo 

After an in-depth study of how to write a business memo, we’ve concluded that a business memo is essential to document for internal communication within the organization. If you want to write an effective business memo, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned format and suggestions to achieve perfection. 

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