Difference Between Digital and Network Marketing 

In the growing age of digitalization and digital marketing, businesses and companies still employ and rely on other modes of marketing and promotion like network marketing. Both terms may seem similar due to network or internet networking, but they are different in many ways. Today, we’ll discuss the difference between digital and network marketing; their separate definitions, and Digital Marketing vs Network Marketing.

Digital Marketing 

Before jumping into the discussion of the difference between digital and network marketing; it is significant to discuss its definition. Digital marketing is the method of generating leads and brand promotion by employing various online channels. Some of the main types of digital marketing are as follows; Digital Marketing vs Network Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Website restoration and maintenance
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Social media management
  • Content development
  • Search engine optimization

Some of the main digital marketing channels are as follows;

  • Mobile applications
  • Emails
  • Social media platforms
  • Websites
  • Search engines

Digital marketing helps businesses and companies to approve their brands, products, and goods by employing various online media channels. While conducting research, customers and users heavily rely on the digital channels.

Network Marketing 

Network marketing is a form of a business model that employs sales personnel and independent sales agents working from home or other locations. It depends on developing a network of business partners that would help the company to generate business leads and close the deal. However, a pyramid scheme is a famous activity and type of network marketing. Digital Marketing vs Network Marketing.

In short, network marketing is the method of selling your contacts from one person to another to amplify the network. It focuses on motivating marketers to build their own network to sell; the seller receives a commission from the sale of every product. However, network marketing goes by various names and some of them are as follows;

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Referral marketing
  • Multi-level marketing

Difference Between Digital and Network Marketing 

Let’s discuss the difference between digital and network marketing or digital marketing vs network marketing; they’re as follows;

Physicality & Location

Digital marketing allows you to perform your marketing and promotional operations from anywhere across the globe. You just need a laptop, computer, and internet connection to perform your marketing operations. In the case of network marketing, you have to be physically there to interact with people and motivate them about the sale.

Earning & Revenue

The earnings and revenue of a digital marketing campaign are heavily reliant on the total number of products and services the company sells to the customers. But network marketing isn’t reliant on the total number of products you sell. Rather, the total products your downline network would sell without your interference.

Result Response Time

Effective implementation of digital marketing strategy allows you to quickly start receiving the results. In the case of network marketing, the result time is slower because your network needs to build up its subsequent network.

Evaluating Results

Digital marketing offers you various KPIs, metrics, and analytical tools to measure the growth and performance of your campaign from your phone or laptop. On the other hand, network marketing doesn’t offer you any tools to measure your performance and growth at any time.

Scaling up

Digital marketing allows you to scale up your marketing campaign efforts. However, you cannot increase and scale up your campaign efforts in network marketing.

Facilitating & Supporting

Digital marketing supports and facilitates your marketing, promotion, and advertisement strategy by promoting products and services on social media, emails, websites, and YouTube videos. On the other hand, network marketing doesn’t offer you any support or promote your products.

Supply Chain of Product

The supply chain of products and goods plays a key role in network marketing. It allows you to have a product that you would have to show to the customers. In the case of digital marketing, there is no such requirement, and you can present your products through online brochures, content material, and online videos.

Implementation Flexibility

Digital marketing offers you a lot of flexibility; if one strategy doesn’t work, then you can stop and replace it with the other. It provides you with various tools, KPIs, and metrics to analyze results and performance. In the case of network marketing, you can’t change and stop the campaign once you start executing it.

Budget Flexibility

Digital marketing allows you to customize your campaign and market reach relevant to your budget and finances. But there is no budget customization in the network market, you need to have a specific amount of capital budget to hire a sales professional to amplify your network.

Learned Skills & Expertise

In order to effectively launch a digital marketing campaign, you need to learn digital marketing skills and expertise from online or any other training institute. In the case of network marketing, you should know the details about the products and goods that you are selling. The other thing you need is to develop a good sales network through salesmanship.

Conclusion: Difference Between Digital and Network Marketing | Digital Marketing vs Network Marketing

After an in-depth study of the difference between digital and network marketing; we have realized that there is a great difference between both them. If you are learning about digital marketing vs network marketing; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned top 10 differences.


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