What is Marketing Management Orientation? Top 5 Concepts 

The main role and function of the market team are to develop marketing and advertisement strategies that would successfully lure their attention. It would help the company towards building a profitable relationship with them. Now, the question is what type of philosophies guide those marketing strategies. Today, we’ll discuss what is marketing management orientation; its top types, concerns, or components.

What is Marketing Management Orientation? 

The marketing management orientation is the process of recognizing and choosing the appropriate and right strategies; that would help companies in building and managing effective customer relationships with them. It may seem a very simple and easy strategy, but it is very difficult to implement because of the changing market situation and customer preferences. In order to work things out, marketers employ various frameworks, tools, methods, and strategies for assistance.

Marketing Management Orientation – Top 5 

The top five types, components, and concepts of marketing management orientation are as follows;

Production Concept

The objective of the production concept is to make the distribution and production processes efficient. Usually, customers prefer such products and services that are low-cost, affordable, and readily available. Along with pricing, the focus of the production concept is on the two Ps of the marketing mix placement and price.

Companies could set their pricing by improving production efficiency, extensive distribution network, and availability of the product. The production concept guides companies to amplify their production and distribution processes.


Lenovo is a Chinese PC manufacturing company, and the brand has made tremendous progress by controlling its prices. The reason Lenovo has won the global market is through its vast distribution network, production efficiency, raw material cost, and lower labor.

However, the production concept is great, but it doesn’t work in every situation. Sometimes, it causes market myopia when companies are overly focused on distribution and production, rather than meeting the needs of customers.

Product Concept

The product concept is when companies develop high-performing and high-quality products. Marketers consider under this concept that the customers would prefer such products that offer them the most innovative features, great performance, and high quality. However, the focus of the company’s market strategy is to make continuous improvements in the product to make it attractive, it would help the company to increase the size of its customer database.

The marketing strategies of various businesses and companies focus on improving product quality continuously. Undoubtedly, higher product quality definitely delivers you the best results, but it doesn’t guarantee either to increase the sale or popularity. Building quality is not enough, it won’t make sure that it would attract the attention of customers.

In the era of branding and product influence; distribution channels, price, packaging, and design play a significant role. If you don’t have the access to a wide distribution network, then your product won’t reach a mass audience. You have to present your product before customers, this is the only way to attract their attention along with making affordable and catchy packaging.  

Selling Concept

As the name implies, the focus of the selling concept is on promotion and selling. Businesses follow this concept they believe that their goods and services won’t sell in the market if they don’t carry out promotional and sale activities at the mass scale. To some extent, it is true for unsought goods.

There are some unnecessary goods and services that the customers won’t find unless you promote them in the market. Insurance companies run the sales and promotional campaigns of their insurance packages. In fact, some companies recruit a great number of salesmen and find potential customers and approach them to present their offer. Direct selling or aggressive selling may seem like a great idea, but it comes with a lot of risk factors.

Usually, companies sell such products that they have or make rather satisfying the needs and wishes of customers. The mistake they make is by assuming that the customers would love the product and buy it, and Kotler called it a poor assumption.

Marketing Concept

Here, the focus of companies is to target the needs, wants, and wishes of customers and find ways to satisfy those needs of customers. In the marketing concept, businesses and companies stop selling products and services or change their production style based on the needs and wishes of the customer. The marketing concept plays a significant role in the growth and development of the company. However, it makes sure the long-term profitability and survival of the company. The negative side of the marketing concept is that it doesn’t pay heed to the welfare of society.

Societal Marketing Concept

The focus of the societal marketing concept is to satisfy the needs and wants of customers, but it keeps in mind whether it is acceptable to society at large or not. It focuses on issues like efficient utilization of resources, the concern of future generation, and renewable energy resources like solar power, thermal power, and wind energy.

For instance, a company manufactures such a stove that utilizes limited LPG. It would increase the satisfaction level of customers because it has a better impact on the environment by creating limited pollution. Nowadays, many marketers are following the societal marketing concept and many governments are compelling their private businesses to follow this concept for the sake of the environment.

Conclusion: What is Marketing Management Orientation? Top 5 Concepts 

After an in-depth study of what is marketing management orientation; its top five concepts; we have realized that marketing strategies are easier said than done. If you’re developing the marketing strategy for your business, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned top five concepts and take help from them.

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