SWOT Analysis of community

SWOT Analysis of community. A community is a social group comprised of any type of commonalities like identity, custom, culture, tradition, religion, values, norms, or something else. Communities could share the geographical place where it is located like neighborhood, village, and country; or any type of virtual online platform where they can talk and discuss things.

Some of the main types of communities are as follows;

  • International communities
  • Internet-based communities
  • Organizational-based communities
  • Identity-based communities
  • Location-based communities

The key elements of community are as follows;

  • Sense of belonging and membership
  • Influencing to make a difference to its people
  • Share emotional connection
  • Integration and Reinforcement

Today, we’ll discuss the swot analysis of community. It would focus on the internal strengths and weaknesses; external opportunities and threats to the community. Here’s the swot analysis of community as follows;

Strengths of Community 

Some of the key strengths in the swot analysis of community are as follows;


Parks and recreation centers may seem like ordinary things, but they are a very significant building block of the community. It is a place where adults could walk, run, and do other types o exercises in the open natural environment; children could play, and elderly people could refresh their minds and connect with other members of the community. In other words, a park is a connection and social point of healthy and productivity.

Quality Life

Quality of life means a stable environment, schools, mosques, churches, shopping malls, hospitable people, and a cooperative neighborhood. All of these factors along with many others collectively improve your quality of living. However, if it doesn’t have niche people and a bad neighborhood, then you won’t feel at peace in such an environment.

Low Cost

The cost of living in a healthy community is affordable for its people. It could be in the form of lower cost of the property, limited rental cost, affordable edible things and grocery items, and lower government taxes. When people could afford a high standard of living at a lower cost, then it improves their satisfaction and happiness level.


Quality education-providing institutes are also the main elements of the community, where couples and partners send their children for schooling and learning. In fact, people prefer to raise their families in such neighborhoods and towns that have got good schools and educational institutes. Having schools in the community is an element of trustworthiness and an impression of family life.

Public Safety

One of the most important elements of the community is the safety of its members and people. Public safety means a lower crime rate, animal control facility centers, and no incidents of theft and robbery. People would love to move to a such community that has got the highest safety and security level. They won’t feel safe raising their family in such an environment, where they always feel endangered.

Government Services

A healthy and productive community also has government-managed institutions like bands, senior citizen centers, police, and judiciary to settle cases of conflicts and maintain law and order. In the presence of the government body and government institution, the validity and safety of the community would increase to a great extent. It’s because they are parts of a very bigger network and their presence in the community affirms its longevity.


Public infrastructure like roads, railways, bus stations, and parking areas are the strong factors of a very developed community. In fact, they would attract the attention of outsiders and visitors, because of the easy access through roads, railways, and airports. No matter how peaceful a community is; if it doesn’t have the infrastructure, people won’t go there.

Weaknesses of Community 

Some of the main weaknesses in the swot analysis of community are as follows;


High populated and crowded community is a great place for businesses and companies. But they aren’t peaceful, because they raise a lot of concerns like safety, security, and an uncertain environment. In such a crowded and busy environment, it is difficult for people to develop a deep and intimate connection with other people. It is because everyone is running to achieve their goals and objectives, and they don’t have time to stay and develop a connection.

Housing Developing

Housing and town development are good for the economy, but they would attract the attention of a lot of investors and strangers from different areas. When you put together people from different backgrounds in one community, then it would raise a lot of sociocultural issues and conflicts because of the civilization differences.

No Interdepartmental Coordination

Limited interdepartmental coordination means police, hospital, homeland security, banks, schools, and various other institutes don’t have effective coordination. It results in the form of delays and waste of time and resources of its people. However, when people are living in a community, they need to connect with various departments now and then; that’s where you realize the significance of coordination.

Opportunities Available to Community 

Some of the available opportunities in the swot analysis of community are as follows;


We’re living in the world of the internet, social media, and technology. If a town or community has got good network service and internet connectivity, then it would have a higher probability of growth and success. Without internet or network service, people won’t visit such places, because they won’t be connected with their loved ones


Developed infrastructure and easy transport allow people to come and go to any place wherever they want. Easy and convenient transportation is the basic facility that any town or community should have for its people because it is a very important building block of any town or community.


Health, education, banking, and various other types of services that we need in our daily life or from time to time; are also very important for people to live a healthy and satisfying life. If people need to go to other towns repetitively for small things, they would prefer to change their location to such community which offers all of them.

Threats to Community 

Some of the potential threats in the swot analysis of the community are as follows;

Crime Rate

Safety and security are the top priority of people when it comes to living in the community. If people don’t feel safe and comfortable because of the higher crime rate and burglary, they would always try their best to leave such an unsafe community and town.

Poor Economy

If a town or community doesn’t have any economic or developmental activity like industry, where they could go and earn their living. They would probably move to other cities and communities, where they can easily find a job and make money.

Scarcity of Resources

If a town or community has got limited resources that are insufficient for its people, then people won’t think twice and leave the community. Is because staying there would put their survival at risk, because people would start fighting over things, and the community would turn into chaos.

Conclusion: Community SWOT Analysis Example Company

After an in-depth study of the swot analysis of community; we have realized that community is the basic pillar of any developed and civilized society. If you are learning about the community and socializing swot analysis example company, then you should keep in mind various internal and external factors for its growth.

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