SWOT Analysis of Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is a healthcare service-providing American multinational company. The brand started its healthcare business in 1971. Today, we’ll discuss the SWOT analysis of Cardinal Health; it outlines strengths and weaknesses; opportunities, and threats that the company has to face; as a business strategy analysis example company.

Products and services portfolio of Cardinal Health

  • Medical products
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Medical equipment
  • Healthcare services

Industry-Focused Area of Cardinal Health

  • Healthcare
  • Medical

Statistical facts and figures of Cardinal Health

  • Annual revenue: 205billion USD (2023)
  • Net income: 611million USD
  • Employees: 48000
  • Asset net worth: 45billion USD

Competitors of Cardinal Health

  • ICON Public
  • Waters
  • Argenx
  • Koninklijke Phillip
  • BioNTech
  • West Pharmaceutical Services
  • Zimmer Biomet
  • Steris
  • Mckesson
  • BD
  • Otricath
  • Trulieve

The SWOT analysis of Cardinal Health would analyze the internal strengths and weaknesses of the company; and external opportunities and threats that the brand has to face. Here’s Cardinal Health SWOT analysis as a business strategy analysis example company as follows;

Strengths of Cardinal Health

Some of the main internal strengths in the Cardinal Health SWOT analysis example company as business strategy analysis are as follows;

Large Distribution Network

Cardinal Health has established a very large supply chain and distribution network. According to an estimate, the medical and healthcare brand provides medical supplies to approximately 75% of the hospitals across the US. The large distribution network amplifies the customer market reach of the company.


Cardinal Health has acquired various medical and healthcare companies over the years. Acquisitions have allowed the company to increase its medical business portfolio. Some of the main acquisitions of the company are as follows;

  • Medtronic
  • Healthcare Solutions Holding
  • ParMed Pharmaceuticals


Cardinal Health is highly proactive in running various types of innovative and creative marketing and advertisement campaigns. They helped the company approach various segments of customers, amplify its customer market reach, and increase its sales.

Experienced Professionals

Cardinal Health has a very large database of experienced professional employees. The medical company regularly conducts various types of training programs and workshops to improve their skills and expertise. It indirectly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s operations.

Pyix MedStation

Cardinal Health has recently developed and introduced Pyix MedStation and it has the capability of accurately analyzing the drug administration. Launching innovative and creative products helps the company to maintain its market leadership position in the industry.

Weaknesses of Cardinal Health

Some of the main internal weaknesses in the Cardinal Health SWOT analysis example company as business strategy analysis are as follows;


The FDA investigation over the painkiller medicine Oxycodone has negatively impacted the brand reputation of the company. Such controversial investigations are not good for the company’s brand image.

Expired Commodity

Cardinal Health offers a wide variety of medical products and goods. The thing about healthcare and medical products is that they become expired; any mistakes in the regular checks would result in the form of expired stock, jeopardizing the company’s revenue and profitability.

Opportunities for Cardinal Health

Some of the main available opportunities in the Cardinal Health SWOT analysis example company as business strategy analysis are as follows;

Market Expansion

Cardinal Health should expand its customer and business market by entering into new geographical regions and countries across the globe. The global market holds great growth potential and the market expansion in the emerging markets would significantly increase the company’s sales, revenue, and profitability.

Portfolio Expansion

Along with market expansion, Cardinal Health should also expand its product portfolio by launching new product lines like medical equipment, surgical products, and others. These are complementary items to the medical and healthcare products and services; it would increase the company’s revenue and profitability.

Research & Innovation

Innovation and research are the keys to the medical and healthcare industry. Cardinal Health should keep investing in research and technological development. It allows them to develop new medical and pharmaceutical drugs and medicines and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Threats to Cardinal Health

Some of the main potential threats in the Cardinal Health SWOT analysis example company as business strategy analysis are as follows;


Cardinal Health is facing tough competition from competitive brands like Otricath, BD, and Trulieve. They all have established a strong market position and a strong database of loyal customers in the medical and healthcare industry. Their market presence is negatively impacting the growth rate and sales of the company.

Government Regulations

The FDA’s regulations for the health and medical industry are very strict and tough. Cardinal Health needs to comply with the government regulations of different countries. Compliance with government standards would increase the operational cost, and decrease the company’s growth and productivity.

Conclusion: Cardinal Health SWOT Analysis Example Company |SWOT Analysis of Cardinal Health |Business Strategy Analysis

After an in-depth study of the swot analysis of Cardinal Health; we have realized that Cardinal Health is the world’s leading healthcare and medical company. If you are learning about Cardinal Health SWOT analysis example company; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned internal strengths and weaknesses; external opportunities and threats as brand strategy analysis.

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