SWOT Analysis of Aramex 

Aramex is a package delivery, courier, and logistics service-providing Emirati multinational company. Fadi Ghandour and Bill Kingson laid the foundation of the logistics company in 1982. Today, we’ll discuss the SWOT analysis of Aramex; it outlines strengths and weaknesses; opportunities, and threats that the company has to face; as a business strategy analysis example company.

Products and services portfolio of Aramex

  • Customer clearance services
  • Warehousing and inventory management service
  • Ship and shop service
  • Logistics service
  • Freight forwarding service
  • Domestic service
  • Express service

Statistical facts and figures of Aramex

  • Annual revenue – 5.69 billion AED (2023)
  • Gross Profit – 1.43 billion AED (2023)
  • Employees – 16359
  • Asset networth – 1.47 billion USD (2021)

Competitors of Aramex

  • Ozburn-Hessey Logistics
  • DHL International
  • Agility
  • FedEx
  • Red BoxSA
  • Try Oto
  • Aftership
  • UPS
  • TNT

The SWOT analysis of Aramex would analyze the internal strengths and weaknesses of the company; and external opportunities and threats that the brand has to face. Here’s Aramex SWOT analysis as a business strategy analysis example company as follows;

Strengths of Aramex 

Some of the main internal strengths in the Aramex SWOT analysis example company as business strategy analysis are as follows;

Large Network

According to an estimate, Aramex has been operating its logistics and delivery service providing service in over 567 cities and 67 countries across the world. It is a significant market share for a new logistics service brand; it shows the company’s commitment to the delivery service business and service customers.

Sustainability Initiative

Aramex has shown a great interest and participating in sustainability initiatives. For instance, the company has been engaging in volunteer activities and civil, environmental, and education projects for public welfare. The brand has partnered up with the UN Global Compact to send a positive brand in the market and industry.

Affordable Price

Aramex offers couriers and delivery services at an affordable price range to the customers. It allows the company to target various segments of the customer market and easily enter new regions and geographies across the world.

User-Friendly Web Platform

Aramex has developed a user-friendly web platform. It allows users to calculate the charges for courier services in various countries and cities across the globe. Customers and users could easily choose and select various types of features and services within just a few clicks.

Variety of Services

Aramex has developed a very large and diversified product and services. It comprises a wide range of courier and logistics services. They are like last-mile delivery, delivery, international shipment, document, parcel, package, and dozens of other delivery service options. However, it shows the company’s commitment to the logistics business and serving customers.

Weaknesses of Aramex 

Some of the main internal weaknesses in the Aramex SWOT analysis example company as business strategy analysis are as follows;

Limited Market Share

Aramex has a limited market share and the company has a lower market presence in the US, Canada, and other developing countries. They’re the world’s leading consumer market with heavy investment and higher buying power of customers. They would highly appreciate and welcome the affordable and quality service.

Collaborating with Small Firms

Many business experts have pointed out that Aramex is only collaborating with small logistics service providers. The company hasn’t partnered up with any of the world’s leading logistics service-providing brands. That’s why the logistics brand has a limited market share and a lower network.

Opportunities for Aramex 

Some of the main available opportunities in the Aramex SWOT analysis example company as business strategy analysis are as follows;

Market Expansion

Aramex should expand its courier and logistics service business in Europe, Asia, and America. These all markets have great growth potential and it would help the company to increase its market share, network, and customer base in new regions and markets worldwide.

Service Expansion

Along with market expansion, Aramex should keep expanding its service portfolio by including new types of delivery services to the customers. They’re like drone delivery or robotic delivery; they allow the company to serve new segments of the customer market.

Marketing and Branding

Many customers and users have noticed that they don’t the marketing advertisements of Aramex. It is not good for the company’s growth point of view. In order to increase its network and market share, the logistics brand connects with the customers.

Alliance and Partnerships

Aramex should develop strategic alliances and partnerships with the world’s leading logistics service brands like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others. It allows the company to increase its market share by entering new markets and regions across the globe. It is because these brands have already built a very large infrastructure.

Threats to Aramex 

Some of the main potential threats in the Aramex SWOT analysis example company as business strategy analysis are as follows;


DHL, UPS, and FedEx are the top competitors of the delivery service providing company Aramex. It has become highly difficult for the service-providing brand to maintain its market position in their presence. In fact, they’re limiting the company’s growth with their global influence and market.


Government regulations are very strict for logistics service-providing firms. Aramex should comply with the local laws and regulations of the country. In case of non-compliance, it would bring a lawsuit of millions of dollars.

Conclusion: Aramex SWOT Analysis Example Company |Logistics SWOT Analysis of Aramex |Business Strategy Analysis 

After an in-depth study of the SWOT analysis of Aramex; we have realized that Aramex is the world’s leading Emirati logistics service-providing firm. If you are learning about Aramex SWOT analysis example company; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned internal strengths and weaknesses; external opportunities and threats as brand strategy analysis.

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