Dior Communication Strategy

Christian Dior is a retail chain luxury fashion French multinational brand. Christian Dior founded the luxury fashion house in 1946. Today, we’ll discuss Christian Dior communication strategy or Christian Dior marketing communication strategy; and the elements involved in the integrated marketing communication strategy of Dior; advertising, direct marketing, digital marketing, personal selling, public relations, and sales promotions; as brand communication strategy examples.

Products and services of Christian Dior

  • Cosmetic
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Spirits
  • Perfumes
  • Wine
  • Watches

Subsidiaries and divisions of Christian Dior

  • Dior (42.36%)
  • LVMH 
  • Dior Homme
  • Christian Dior Cosmetics
  • Perfume Christian Dior

Statistical Facts and Figures of Christian Dior

  • Annual revenue – 79.18 billion Euros (2022)
  • Net income – 14.70 billion Euros (2022)
  • Net worth of Assets – 131.9 billion Euros (2022)
  • Employees – 196,006
  • Network – 535 stores

Top competitors of Christian Dior

  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Versace
  • Fendi
  • Farfetch UK Limited
  • Gucci
  • Chanel
  • Armani
  • LVMH
  • Prada
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Burberry
  • Hugo Boss
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Zara

Christian Dior communication strategy would analyze elements like direct marketing, advertising, digital marketing, sales promotion, PR public relations, and personal selling as brand communication strategy examples. Here’s the integration communication strategy of Dior as follows;

Dior Communication Strategy

Let’s discuss the main elements of Christian Dior communication strategy or integration marketing communication strategy of Dior as brand communication strategy examples; they’re as follows;

Advertising Strategy of Dior

I-Fashion Magazines

In order to target fashion-loving customers, Christian Dior advertises its fashion products and accessories in the top fashion magazines. Print media plays a key role in the advertisement campaign of the luxury fashion brand. Some of the fashion magazines where the company advertises its products are as follows;

  • Elle
  • Vanity Fair
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Vogue

II-Celebrity Endorsement

Christian Dior hires the world’s leading celebrities as brand ambassadors for the advertisement of its fashion products and accessories. Some of the top celebrities that have endorsed and advertised Dior’s fashion products are as follows;

  • Lang Lang
  • Rachel Zegler
  • Yara Shahidi
  • Kim Ji-soo
  • Rihanna
  • Robert Pattinson
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Mila Kunis
  • Natalie Portman

III-Fashion Shows

In order to showcase and advertise fashion products, Christian Dior organizes runway shows and fashion shows for the theatrical display of its creative fashion designs. They amaze the audience with a sense of awe and a unique way of storytelling with costume and fashion designs. Some of the main fashion shows that Dior has organized are as follows;

  • Spring 2020 Ready-to-Wear
  • Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
  • Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear
  • Resort 2017
  • Dior Fall 2023 Menswear Collection at The Pyramids of Giza

Direct Marketing Strategy of Dior

I-Multiple Media Channels

Christian Dior employs multiple media channels for running marketing campaigns for its fashion products. They are like TV, billboards, print media, fashion magazines, digital media, and other platforms. Collectively, all these media channels help the company to smoothly run its marketing campaign and amplify its market reach.

II-Diversified Portfolio

Christian Dior has established a well-diversified portfolio comprising of wide range of fashion products; cosmetics, fragrances, accessories, ready-to-wear collection, and haute couture. The well-diversified portfolio helps the company to target a wide range of customer markets and satisfy their fashion needs.

III-Artists Collaboration

Christian Dior collaborates with the world’s leading fashion designers, artists, and creative directors. They have earned a great worldwide reputation in the fashion industry; having them in the company’s creative team helps the company to launch and market unique fashion designs. Some of the main creative directors and designer artists that the company has worked with are as follows;

  • Kim Jones
  • Hedi Slimane
  • Maria Grazia Chiuri
  • Serge Ruffieux & Lucie Meier
  • Raf Simons
  • John Galliano
  • Marc Bohan

Digital Marketing Strategy of Dior

I-Social Media Platforms

Christian Dior is highly active on various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others. For instance, Dior has 45.9 million followers on Instagram, and over 10K posts; millions of subscribers on every platform. The company posts high-quality visually interesting and appealing content on social media to strengthen its brand positioning.

II-Buzz Marketing

In order to amplify brand visibility and create interest among fashion-loving audiences, Christian Dior follows buzz marketing by creating buzz about its upcoming fashion designs. It allows the company to generate user engagement and create demand for the upcoming fashion product.

Sales Promotion Strategy of Dior

I-Luxury Brand

Christian Dior has established a premium luxury brand by attaching timeless, sophistication, and elegant style elements to its brand. The fashion brand has a rich history of classic fashion designs and styles with a strong commitment to creative artistic expression and storytelling. The luxury brand image helps the company promote its luxury fashion products to premium and status-conscious customers.

II-Made in Europe

Instead of outsourcing production and manufacturing work to China and other developing countries; Christian Dior focuses on promoting its products as “Made in Europe.” It allows the company to maintain its premium brand image by hiring the best European craftsmen, designers, and artists to produce its fashion products.

  • Europe – leather goods
  • France & Italy – ready-to-wear collection,
  • Dior watches – Switzerland
  • Haute couture and jewelry – Paris
  • Scarves and sunglasses – Italy
  • Dior jeans – Japan

Public Relations Strategy of Dior

Christian Dior has a clear public relations PR strategy and that is hiring local European craftsmen, artists, and designers, and using Europe-made material. It allows the company to create job opportunities in the local European economy. The fashion brand has also successfully maintained a premium luxury brand image.

Personal Selling Strategy of Dior

Christian Dior has established a network of more than 535 retail brand stores in various countries worldwide. They help the company to offer customized and personalized fashion products relevant to the fitting needs and requirements of individual customers. Personalized and customized customer service further helps the company to improve customer satisfaction levels.

Conclusion: Christian Dior Marketing Communication Strategy | Christian Dior Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy | Brand Communication Strategy Examples 

After an in-depth study of Christian Dior communication strategy; we have realized that Christian Dior marketing communication strategy plays a key role in its growth. If you are learning about the Christian Dior integrated marketing communication strategy as a brand communication strategy example; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned elements; personal selling, digital marketing, direct advertisement, sales promotion, PR, and direct marketing.

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