Amul Marketing Communication Strategy 

Amul (Anand Milk Union Limited) is a food processing and dairy Indian company. Tribhuvandas Patel founded the Dairy Cooperative Society in 1946. Today, we’ll discuss Amul marketing communication strategy; and the elements involved in the integrated marketing communication strategy of Amul; advertising, direct marketing, digital marketing, personal selling, public relations, and sales promotions; as brand communication strategy examples.

Products and services of Amul

  • Paneer,
  • Chocolate,
  • Traditional Indian sweets.
  • Pizza cheese,
  • Ghee,
  • Cheese,
  • Yogurts,
  • Milk,
  • Cream,
  • Ice cream,
  • Beverages,
  • Milk powder,
  • Butter,

Business divisions of Amul

  • Dudhsagar Dairy
  • Banas Dairy

Statistical facts and figures of Amul

  • Annual revenue – 6.5 billion USD (2022)
  • Employees – 1000
  • Milk producers – 3.6 million

Top competitors of Amul

  • Britannia,
  • Vadilal,
  • Mother Dairy,
  • London Dairy,
  • Havmor,
  • Arun Ice Cream,
  • Dinshaws.
  • Baskin Robins, 
  • Nestle
  • Kwality Walls,

Amul marketing communication strategy would analyze elements like direct marketing, advertising, digital marketing, sales promotion, PR, and personal selling as brand communication strategy examples. Here’s the integration marketing communication strategy of Amul as follows;

Amul Marketing Communication Strategy 

Let’s discuss the elements of the Amul marketing communication or the Amul integrated marketing communication as brand communication strategy examples; they’re as follows; (Amul communication strategy)


I-Momentary Ads on Current Events

Amul follows a momentary advertisement strategy. Usually, they are relevant to any social, political, cultural, or environmental topics and subjects and they become immediately popular among the mass public audience. They carry the elements of humor, intellect, and wit. For instance, the cute and chubby mascot Amul Girl features various company advertisements; it focuses on catchy slogans with humorous elements.

II-Consistency & Umbrella Branding

The other key element of Amul ads is that the company sells its dairy products and goods under one brand name. It allows the company to develop a recognizable brand identity and consistency with its single brand image. For instance, the tagline of Amul is “the taste of India” and it shows the company’s vision of providing the best and top-quality dairy products to the Indian nation and worldwide.

III-Celebrating National Figures & Events

Amul advertisement celebrates various sporting events, national heroes, and pride in performance in its unique style of cartoon images with catchy slogans. As soon as the dairy brand publishes it; it becomes immediately popular among the public, and it puts a smile on the audience’s faces. However, some of the main examples of Amul’s ads are as follows;

  • Amul girl celebrates the kite flying festival in India
  • Honoring the Indian tennis stars in the Hall of Fame
  • Paying tribute to the tunnel worker rescue mission
  • Celebrating the 50th ODI century of Virat Kohli

Direct Marketing

I-Multiple Media Channels

Amul employs various media channels and platforms to approach the end consumers. They could be in the form of billboards, print media (newspaper), TV, radio, digital media, and social media platforms. The cartoon images with catchy slogans and witty humor immediately attract the attention of customers. Sometimes, the company’s humor is not easy to understand; the brand does so intentionally because it wants people to think and drive conclusions on their own. (Amul communication strategy)

Some of the popular slogans of Amul advertisements are as follows;

  • “Pehla Pyar, Amul Pyar”
  • “Har Ghar, Amul Ghar”
  • “Amul Doodh Peta ha India”

Digital Marketing

I-Social Media Presence

The digital marketing strategy plays a key role in the growth and brand awareness of Amul. In fact, the dairy company has a strong presence on the social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The company runs very smart, engaging, and creative marketing campaigns to amplify its reach and brand value; the #AmulTopical campaign is one of them.

II-Email Marketing

Email marketing is a part of Amul’s digital marketing campaign. The dairy company regularly sends promotional emails and newsletters to the company’s subscribers. However, the objective is to share updates about the company; the latest offers, and new products.

III-Influencer Marketing

Amul also collaborates with various social media influencers and bloggers to amplify the company’s reach and approach new customers. Their brand and product endorsement boosts the company’s sales.

Sales Promotion

The cartoon character of the cute & chubby Amul girl is very popular among the Indian household and it plays a key role in the promotion of Amul dairy products. According to an estimate, Amul only spends 1% of its income on marketing and advertisement. As a result, it helps the company to offer cost-benefit and low prices to the customers. Market competitive pricing of Amul’s products promotes its dairy products in the market, despite facing tough competition. (Amul communication strategy)

Public Relations

The cute and chubby cartoon character of Amul Girl is a milk-and-butter-loving icon of the company’s public relations strategy. Apart from the appearance of the Amul girl; the company’s PR message is so simple and creative that everyone could relate to it. It doesn’t the event or situation, the Amul girl is always there to share the message in a cute and funny way.

Personal Selling

Amul has established a very large and efficient supply chain and distribution network. It makes sure to deliver the finished products to the end consumer safely and at the doorsteps. However, flexible personal selling helps the company to clarify any types of doubts among sales staff and the audience. The objective is to satisfy the demands and needs of end consumers.

Conclusion: Amul Communication Strategy |Amul Integrated Communication Strategy |Brand Communication Strategy Examples 

After an in-depth study of the Amul marketing communication strategy; we have realized that Amul is the world’s leading Indian dairy brand. If you are learning about the Amul integrated marketing communication strategy as a brand communication strategy example or Amul communication strategy; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned elements; personal selling, digital marketing, direct advertisement, sales promotion, PR, and direct marketing.

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